20 Examples of Relative Pronoun in Sentences

20 Examples of Relative Pronoun in Sentences20 Examples of Relative Pronoun in Sentences


  1. He can tell who is the quietest.
  2. The first person to die is the one who has never been sick.
  3. Those who help themselves are blessed by God.
  4. Please lock up whoever is the last to leave.
  5. The plasterer who did the job did a fantastic job.
  6. The best performer is the one who is well-versed in his field.
  7. Anyone who trusts in Him will live forever.
  8. Whose bag is it, exactly?
  9. Nobody thanks the person who serves everyone.
  10. Ridiculous! Who dared to make such a suggestion?
  11. Anyone who steps on his toes will be kicked away.
  12. A person with no light in his eyes will never be a star.
  13. Time is lost by those who wait for it.
  14. Those who wait will receive all good things.
  15. I’ll take anyone who wants to come.
  16. He who does not advance regresses.
  17. Those who stay away from temptation stay away from sin.
  18. In the first fit, he who had never been sick before dies.
  19. Money has a way of unmaking the men who make it.
  20. Whoever is to blame for this will be held accountable.