17 Sentences Using ‘MAY’, MAY in Example Sentences

17Sentences Using ‘MAY’

Sentences Using ‘MAY’, MAY in Example Sentences

may in example sentences

May in Example Sentences

  1. I may pray for you.
  2. I may have a headache.
  3. If I may say so myself, my work is very good.
  4. I may be wrong about this.
  5. I may get fired for this!
  6. I may have to look for another job after this.
  7. I may get the house if they don’t pay the mortgage.
  8. I may be able to finish it in time after all.
  9. I may have been wrong about that.
  10. I may not be able to afford a house like this.
  11. I may eat at the restaurant tonight, or I may cook at home.
  12. I may be late for work tomorrow.
  13. You may use my car if you want to go out.
  14. I may do my homework later.
  15. You may borrow my car if you promise to be careful with it.
  16. I may have to work overtime today.
  17. You may call me on my cell phone if you need anything.