20 Sentences Using ‘MIGHT’, MIGHT in Example Sentences

Might is a modal verb that can be used to express various forms of permission, possibility, and probability. It is often used to make polite requests, ask questions, and suggest actions. This article will provide 20 example sentences of how to properly use the word might in conversation. Each sentence will demonstrate a different application of the word, from asking for permission to expressing doubt or expectation.

might in example sentences

Sentences Using Might

  1. I might go to the gym today.
  2. The weather might turn bad tonight.
  3. She might not come to the party.
  4. He might be busy with work.
  5. They might have already left.
  6. The food might be too spicy for me.
  7. I might need to take a break soon.
  8. The movie might be sold out by now.
  9. She might have forgotten her keys.
  10. He might not know the answer to that question.
  11. It might take a while to finish the project.
  12. The train might be delayed due to construction.
  13. I might have left my phone at home.
  14. She might have a different opinion than me.
  15. He might need help with his homework.
  16. The concert might be canceled due to the pandemic.
  17. They might have to reschedule the meeting.
  18. I might have to work late tonight.
  19. She might be running late for the appointment.
  20. He might be allergic to peanuts.

Interrogative Sentences Using Might

  1. Might you be able to help me with this problem?
  2. Might I ask where you’re going?
  3. Might it rain today?
  4. Might we have a moment to speak privately?
  5. Might you have any spare change?
  6. Might this be the correct way to the station?
  7. Might you know the answer to this question?
  8. Might I suggest a different approach?
  9. Might this book be of interest to you?
  10. Might we be able to reschedule our meeting?

Negative Sentences Using Might

Below are ‘might not’ sentences examples:

  1. He might not make it to the meeting on time.
  2. I might not be able to attend the party tonight.
  3. The package might not arrive until next week.
  4. The weather might not clear up before the weekend.
  5. She might not have enough money to buy a new car.
  6. The project might not be finished by the deadline.
  7. They might not approve of your proposal.
  8. The concert might not be as good as we hoped.
  9. The restaurant might not have any tables available.
  10. The movie might not be worth seeing.

Might Sentence For Class 1 and Class 2

Below are 10 easy sentences using might for classes 1 and 2.

  1. I might go.
  2. You might win.
  3. She might sing.
  4. He might dance.
  5. The bird might fly.
  6. We might play.
  7. They might swim.
  8. The car might stop.
  9. My friend might come.
  10. I might try again.

‘Might Have’ Sentences Examples

  1. I might have left my keys on the kitchen counter.
  2. She might have missed the last train home.
  3. We might have forgotten to turn off the oven before leaving the house.
  4. He might have misunderstood what you said to him.
  5. They might have lost their way while hiking in the mountains.
  6. You might have overslept and missed your morning meeting.
  7. The package might have been delivered to the wrong address.
  8. The restaurant might have run out of the dish you wanted to order.
  9. The concert might have been canceled due to bad weather.
  10. The email might have ended up in my spam folder.

‘May And Might’ Examples Sentences

Both “may” and “might” are modal verbs that indicate possibility or permission. “May” is typically used for more probable situations, while “might” is used for less certain or hypothetical situations.

In general, “may” suggests a higher likelihood, while “might” suggests a lower likelihood or greater uncertainty.

Here are some example sentences using “may” and “might”:

  1. I may go to the party tonight if I finish my work on time.
  2. She might be interested in joining the hiking club.
  3. You may want to bring an umbrella in case it rains later.
  4. He might have left his phone at home.
  5. We may have to reschedule the meeting if everyone can’t attend.
  6. They might not be able to come to the concert because of a family emergency.
  7. It may be too late to order the cake for the party.
  8. The weather might be nice enough for a picnic tomorrow.
  9. She may have already made plans for the weekend.
  10. He might not have the necessary qualifications for the job.


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