100 Sentences of Future Simple Tense

100 Sentences in Future Simple Tense! In English, there are three Future Simple Tense forms: will, shall, and the Bare Infinitive. Each one is used to express different intentions. In this blog post, we will take a look at how each future tense is used so you can better understand when to use which one. We’ll also provide some examples for each form so you can see how it’s used in context. Keep in mind that the Future Simple Tense is usually used to talk about things that have not yet happened, but will happen in the future. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Structure: Subject + will + base form of the verb + object

100 sentences in future simple tense

100 Sentences in Future Simple Tense

  1. I will visit the museum next weekend.
  2. She will finish her homework before dinner.
  3. They will travel to Europe next summer.
  4. You will receive a promotion next month.
  5. He will attend the conference on Tuesday.
  6. We will celebrate our anniversary at a fancy restaurant.
  7. The package will arrive tomorrow afternoon.
  8. The movie will start at 8 PM sharp.
  9. The flowers will bloom in the spring.
  10. The weather will improve by the weekend.
  11. The students will submit their assignments by Friday.
  12. She will call you as soon as she gets the news.
  13. Our team will win the championship this year.
  14. He will propose to her on their anniversary.
  15. The store will close for renovations next week.
  16. The new store will open on the first of next month.
  17. I will try the new sushi place for lunch.
  18. They will announce the winner at the end of the show.
  19. The train will depart at 9 AM sharp.
  20. The new policy will take effect on January 1st.
  21. The construction will be completed by the end of the year.
  22. The sun will set at 7:30 PM tonight.
  23. The birds will migrate south in the fall.
  24. The ice cream will melt if you leave it outside.
  25. The leaves will change colors in October.
  26. The price will increase due to inflation.
  27. The water will evaporate under the hot sun.
  28. The battery will last for another two hours.
  29. The concert will sell out soon.
  30. The temperature will drop overnight.
  31. The cat will hide when it hears thunder.
  32. The dog will bark at the mailman.
  33. The new employee will start on Monday.
  34. The teacher will explain the new concept in class.
  35. The artist will unveil her latest piece at the gallery.
  36. The mechanic will repair the car by tomorrow.
  37. The chef will prepare a delicious meal for the guests.
  38. The scientist will discover a new element.
  39. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication.
  40. The athlete will break the world record.
  41. The city will grow rapidly in the coming years.
  42. The population will increase by 2050.
  43. The company will expand into new markets.
  44. The technology will advance at an exponential rate.
  45. The car will stop when it reaches the intersection.
  46. The guests will arrive at 6 PM.
  47. The plane will land at 3 PM.
  48. The snow will cover the ground by morning.
  49. The tide will rise in the afternoon.
  50. The moon will eclipse the sun next year.
  51. I will eat breakfast at 7 a.m. tomorrow.
  52. She will finish her homework by tonight.
  53. They will arrive at the party around 8 p.m.
  54. You will receive a package in the mail next week.
  55. The sun will set at 6:30 p.m. this evening.
  56. He will start his new job on Monday.
  57. We will watch a movie after dinner.
  58. The cat will jump onto the windowsill.
  59. The train will leave the station at 9 a.m.
  60. I will buy a new car next month.
  61. Sarah will bake cookies for the bake sale.
  62. The snow will melt by the end of the week.
  63. The conference will begin at 10 a.m. sharp.
  64. They will paint their house blue this summer.
  65. The meeting will end at 4 p.m. today.
  66. We will celebrate our anniversary next week.
  67. The dog will chase the squirrel up the tree.
  68. I will call you when I get home.
  69. The flowers will bloom in the spring.
  70. He will repair the broken window this weekend.
  71. The store will close at 9 p.m. tonight.
  72. She will wear her new dress to the party.
  73. They will swim in the lake this summer.
  74. You will understand the lesson after the explanation.
  75. We will meet for lunch tomorrow.
  76. The birds will migrate south for the winter.
  77. I will walk to work tomorrow.
  78. She will study for the exam all weekend.
  79. The rain will stop by this afternoon.
  80. The baby will learn to walk soon.
  81. The students will graduate in June.
  82. He will cancel the appointment if necessary.
  83. The leaves will change color in the fall.
  84. The concert will start at 7 p.m. sharp.
  85. They will build a new house next year.
  86. The temperature will rise by tomorrow morning.
  87. I will visit my grandparents this weekend.
  88. She will cook dinner for the family tonight.
  89. The team will win the game if they keep playing well.
  90. You will find your lost keys eventually.
  91. We will send you the information by email.
  92. The car will need an oil change soon.
  93. I will update my resume this week.
  94. She will donate her old clothes to charity.
  95. The package will arrive within three business days.
  96. We will reserve a table at the restaurant for 7 p.m.
  97. The plane will land at 2 p.m. local time.
  98. You will feel better after getting some rest.
  99. The store will restock the shelves tomorrow.
  100. He will complete the project by the deadline.

Negative Sentences of Future Simple Tense

  1. I will not go to the party tomorrow.
  2. They will not finish their project on time.
  3. She will not buy a new car next month.
  4. He will not call you back later.
  5. We will not travel to Europe this summer.
  6. You will not receive the package by Friday.
  7. The company will not launch the new product next year.
  8. The team will not win the championship this season.
  9. The concert will not start on time tonight.
  10. My friend will not be able to come to the meeting tomorrow.
  11. I will not attend the conference next week.
  12. They will not sign the contract with that company.
  13. She will not pass the exam without studying.
  14. He will not be able to make it to the party.
  15. We will not have enough time to complete the project.
  16. You will not be selected for the job.
  17. The restaurant will not serve breakfast after 10 am.
  18. The flight will not depart on schedule due to weather conditions.
  19. The movie will not be released in theaters until next year.
  20. My phone will not work without a new battery.

Interrogative Sentences of Future Simple Tense

  1. Will you go to the concert tomorrow?
  2. When will the next train arrive?
  3. Shall we meet for lunch next week?
  4. Will she pass her exam?
  5. What will you do if it rains?
  6. Will they arrive on time?
  7. Who will win the game tonight?
  8. Will he buy a new car next year?
  9. What time will the movie start?
  10. Will you be attending the conference next month?
  11. How will you celebrate your birthday?
  12. Will the restaurant be open on Easter Sunday?
  13. Will you travel abroad this year?
  14. Will the party be held indoors or outdoors?
  15. Will you need a ride to the airport?
  16. Will you be ready for the meeting in time?
  17. What will you wear to the wedding?
  18. Will you try the new restaurant in town?
  19. Will you be staying at the hotel for the weekend?
  20. Will you be able to finish the project on time?

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