3 Degrees of Salty, Comparative Degree of Salty, Superlative Degree of Salty

Meaning of Salty: slang term for irritated, angry, or resentful

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Salty

Comparative degree of Salty is saltier, superlative degree of Salty is saltiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Salty saltier saltiest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Salty:

  • The salty fries are my favorite snack.
  • I enjoy the salty taste of seawater.
  • He added a pinch of salty seasoning to the soup.
  • The popcorn was perfectly salty and buttery.
  • The chips had just the right amount of salty flavor.
  • The olives had a rich and salty taste.
  • The pretzels were fresh and delightfully salty.
  • I love dipping my french fries in salty ketchup.
  • The margarita rim was coated with salty salt.
  • The roasted peanuts were crunchy and salty.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Salty:

  • The first batch of fries was saltier than the second.
  • The ocean water tasted even saltier after a swim.
  • Her soup was slightly saltier than mine.
  • The chips in the blue bag are saltier than the red bag.
  • The pickles in the jar were getting saltier over time.
  • The second slice of pizza was noticeably saltier than the first.
  • His popcorn had a saltier flavor than mine.
  • The pretzels at the fair were much saltier than the ones at home.
  • I prefer my margarita with a saltier rim.
  • The roasted almonds were significantly saltier than the cashews.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Salty:

  • The fries at that restaurant are the saltiest I’ve ever had.
  • The ocean water in this region is the saltiest in the world.
  • Her soup is known to be the saltiest in town.
  • The blue bag of chips is the saltiest brand available.
  • That jar of pickles contains the saltiest pickles I’ve tasted.
  • The pizza joint down the street serves the saltiest pies.
  • The popcorn at the movie theater is always the saltiest.
  • The fair sells the saltiest pretzels you can find.
  • Their margaritas have the saltiest rim in the city.
  • The mixed nuts had one cashew that was the saltiest.

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