3 Degrees of Cheap, Comparative Degree of Cheap, Superlative Degree of Cheap

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Cheap

Comparative degree of cheap is cheaper and Superlative degree of cheap is cheapest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for cheap.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Cheap cheaper cheapest

Examples Using Positive Degree of cheap:

  • The cheap phone I bought works perfectly fine.
  • We found a cheap hotel near the beach.
  • She always finds cheap deals at the thrift store.
  • I bought a cheap dress for the party.
  • He enjoys eating cheap street food.
  • The store sells cheap accessories for smartphones.
  • They offer cheap tickets for the concert.
  • We found a cheap flight for our vacation.
  • The restaurant serves cheap and delicious meals.
  • She found a cheap car that was in good condition.

Example Using Comparative Degree of cheap:

  • This phone is cheaper than the one I had before.
  • The hotel we stayed at was cheaper than we expected.
  • Her dress was cheaper than mine but equally beautiful.
  • The new store sells cheaper accessories than the old one.
  • He found a cheaper flight for his business trip.
  • The street food vendor across the street is cheaper.
  • I realized the hotel next door was cheaper.
  • The online store offers cheaper prices than the physical store.
  • The bakery sells cheaper pastries on Sundays.
  • She bought a cheaper car with better mileage.

Example Using Superlative Degree of cheap:

  • This is the cheapest phone I could find in the market.
  • We found the cheapest hotel in town for our stay.
  • The thrift store has the cheapest deals in the city.
  • I bought the cheapest dress I could find for the event.
  • He always finds the cheapest street food vendors.
  • The store has the cheapest accessories for smartphones.
  • They offer the cheapest tickets for the concert.
  • We found the cheapest flight for our trip.
  • The restaurant serves the cheapest and most delicious meals.
  • She bought the cheapest car she could find in good condition.

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