3 Degrees of Hairy, Comparative Degree of Hairy, Superlative Degree of Hairy

Meaning of Hairy: covered with hair

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Hairy

Comparative degree of hairy is the hairier, superlative degree of hairy is hairiest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for hairy.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Hairy hairier hairiest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Hairy:

  • She has hairy arms that she dislikes.
  • The puppy’s hairy coat was soft to the touch.
  • He brushed his hairy chest with a comb.
  • The spider had long, hairy legs.
  • She ran her fingers through her hairy mane.
  • The old man had a thick, hairy beard.
  • The forest floor was covered in hairy moss.
  • The caterpillar had a brightly colored, hairy body.
  • The clogged drain was full of hairy clumps of hair.
  • The werewolf’s transformation left him with hairy palms.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Hairy:

  • Her cat’s fur is hairier than mine.
  • The bear’s paws were hairier than expected.
  • He has a hairier chest than his brother.
  • The caterpillar looked even hairier up close.
  • The dog’s tail is longer and hairier than its body.
  • The man’s arms are much hairier than his legs.
  • The spider’s legs became even hairier when threatened.
  • The carpet in the old house was dirtier and hairier.
  • The werewolf’s transformation made him significantly hairier.
  • The gorilla’s back was broader and hairier than the female’s.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Hairy:

  • The orangutan has the hairiest body of all primates.
  • The tarantula is known for its hairiest legs.
  • Her grandmother had the hairiest arms she had ever seen.
  • The cave was home to the hairiest spiders.
  • The yeti is believed to have the hairiest body.
  • The man’s knuckles were the hairiest she had ever touched.
  • The werewolf in the movie had the hairiest transformation scene.
  • The bear’s chest was the hairiest part of its body.
  • The old photo showed the hairiest dog she had ever seen.
  • The caterpillar with the orange spikes was the hairiest.

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