3 Degrees of Early, Comparative Degree of Early, Superlative Degree of Early

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Comparative and Superlative Degree of Early

Comparative degree of early is earlier and Superlative degree of early is earliest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for early.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Early earlier earliest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Early:

  • She arrived early for the meeting.
  • He woke up early to catch the sunrise.
  • The early morning air was refreshing.
  • They finished their work early and went home.
  • The early birds were singing in the trees.
  • She always liked to start her day early.
  • He had an early appointment with the doctor.
  • The early risers enjoyed the quiet streets.
  • They got to the theater early to get good seats.
  • The early stages of the project were challenging.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Early:

  • She arrived earlier than everyone else.
  • He woke up earlier than usual today.
  • The earlier you start, the better.
  • They finished their work earlier than expected.
  • The earlier bus arrived on time.
  • She left the house earlier than planned.
  • He had an earlier appointment with the dentist.
  • The earlier you book, the cheaper the flight.
  • They left the party earlier than they had anticipated.
  • The earlier stages of the project required more research.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Early:

  • She arrived earliest of all the attendees.
  • He woke up earliest in the morning.
  • The earliest bird catches the worm.
  • They finished their work earliest in the office.
  • The earliest bus is always crowded.
  • She left the party earliest out of everyone.
  • He had the earliest appointment with the therapist.
  • The earliest flight gets you there on time.
  • They started their vacation earliest among their friends.
  • The earliest stages of the project required the most attention.

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