3 Degrees of Dull, Comparative Degree of Dull, Superlative Degree of Dull

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Dull

Comparative degree of dull is duller and Superlative degree of dull is dullest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for dull.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Dull duller dullest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Dull:

  • The movie was dull, lacking excitement and suspense.
  • His presentation was dull, putting everyone to sleep.
  • The lecture was dull, with no engaging content.
  • The book was dull, failing to captivate the reader.
  • The party was dull, lacking energy and fun.
  • The colors in the painting were dull, lacking vibrancy.
  • The conversation was dull, lacking interesting topics.
  • The music was dull, lacking a catchy beat.
  • The performance was dull, lacking passion and enthusiasm.
  • The restaurant ambiance was dull, lacking any charm or character.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Dull:

  • The second movie was duller than the first one.
  • Her speech was duller than I had anticipated.
  • The plot of the sequel was duller than the original.
  • The second half of the book was duller than the beginning.
  • The party last night was duller compared to previous events.
  • The colors in the new artwork were duller than in the old one.
  • The conversation with him was duller than with others.
  • The music at the second concert was duller than the first.
  • The performance this year was duller than last year’s.
  • The restaurant’s atmosphere was duller than expected.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Dull:

  • That movie was the dullest film I’ve ever seen.
  • Her speech was the dullest presentation of the conference.
  • The last chapter of the book was the dullest part.
  • The party on Friday was the dullest event of the year.
  • The colors in that artwork were the dullest I’ve seen.
  • The conversation with him was the dullest I’ve had in a while.
  • The music at that concert was the dullest I’ve experienced.
  • The performance that day was the dullest in the entire show.
  • The restaurant’s ambiance was the dullest I’ve ever encountered.
  • The lecture yesterday was the dullest session of the course.

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