3 Degrees of Clumsy, Comparative Degree of Clumsy, Superlative Degree of Clumsy

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Clumsy

Comparative degree of clumsy is clumsier and Superlative degree of clumsy is clumsiest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for clumsy.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Clumsy clumsier clumsiest

Examples Using Positive Degree of clumsy:

  • She is clumsy and often drops things.
  • The clumsy waiter spilled water on the table.
  • His clumsy handwriting is hard to read.
  • The clumsy child tripped over her shoelaces.
  • He made a clumsy attempt to juggle the balls.
  • The clumsy painter accidentally knocked over the paint can.
  • She has a clumsy habit of knocking over her coffee cup.
  • The clumsy mechanic dropped a wrench on the floor.
  • He is known for his clumsy dance moves at parties.
  • The clumsy puppy bumped into the furniture while playing.

Example Using Comparative Degree of clumsy:

  • She is clumsier than her sister when it comes to cooking.
  • The new employee is clumsier than the experienced ones.
  • His handwriting is clumsier than mine.
  • The clumsier driver caused the accident by not following the rules.
  • He made a clumsier attempt to fix the broken vase.
  • The clumsier painter accidentally smeared paint on the wall.
  • She has a clumsier habit of dropping her phone.
  • The clumsier mechanic took longer to fix the car.
  • He is known for his clumsier dance moves compared to others.
  • The clumsier puppy often bumps into things while running.

Example Using Superlative Degree of clumsy:

  • She is the clumsiest person I know.
  • The new intern is the clumsiest employee in the office.
  • His handwriting is the clumsiest I’ve ever seen.
  • The clumsiest driver on the road caused a major traffic jam.
  • He made the clumsiest attempt to catch the ball.
  • The clumsiest painter accidentally spilled paint all over the floor.
  • She has the clumsiest habit of knocking over her drink.
  • The clumsiest mechanic always breaks something while repairing.
  • He is known for his clumsiest dance moves at the dance competition.
  • The clumsiest puppy constantly trips over its own paws.

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