3 Degrees of Coarse, Comparative Degree of Coarse, Superlative Degree of Coarse

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Coarse

Comparative degree of coarse is coarser and Superlative degree of coarse is coarsest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for coarse.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Coarse coarser coarsest

Examples Using Positive Degree of coarse:

  • The fabric of the rug feels coarse against my skin.
  • She used a coarse brush to create texture in her painting.
  • The sand at the beach was coarse and grainy.
  • His voice had a coarse tone, filled with frustration.
  • The coarse texture of the bread gave it a rustic appeal.
  • The cat’s tongue felt coarse as it licked my hand.
  • The coarse gravel on the trail made walking difficult.
  • The paper has a coarse texture, making it suitable for sketching.
  • His manners were coarse, lacking in refinement.
  • The coarse language used in the movie shocked some viewers.

Example Using Comparative Degree of coarse:

  • The second fabric option feels coarser than the first one.
  • The sand on this beach is coarser compared to the other one.
  • The brush strokes in his latest painting are coarser than before.
  • The texture of this material is coarser to the touch.
  • The coarser salt crystals dissolve more slowly in water.
  • The groomer used a coarser comb to detangle the dog’s fur.
  • The coarser sandpaper helps in removing stubborn stains.
  • The artist decided to use a coarser canvas for this painting.
  • The coarser threads of this fabric provide more durability.
  • The coarser grind of coffee beans gives a stronger flavor.

Example Using Superlative Degree of coarse:

  • This fabric is the coarsest one we have in stock.
  • The beach with the coarsest sand is a favorite among surfers.
  • The coarsest brush bristles are used for heavy-duty painting.
  • Among all the ingredients, this one has the coarsest texture.
  • The cat’s tongue is known to be one of the coarsest among animals.
  • This type of sandpaper is considered the coarsest available.
  • The coarsest grade of salt is used for preserving food.
  • The coarsest material was chosen for its ruggedness.
  • The artist prefers using the coarsest canvas for their work.
  • The coarsest sandpaper grit is used for shaping wood.

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