3 Degrees of Moist, Comparative Degree of Moist, Superlative Degree of Moist

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Meaning of Moist: slightly wet.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Moist

The comparative degree of moist is the more moister, and the superlative degree of moist is the moistest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Moist moister moistest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Moist:

  • The bread was soft and moist in the center.
  • The plant required a moist environment to thrive.
  • Her skin felt hydrated and moist after using the cream.
  • The chocolate cake was rich and moist.
  • The air in the greenhouse felt pleasantly moist.
  • The moist soil was perfect for planting vegetables.
  • The wipes left her skin feeling fresh and moist.
  • The rain made the grass beautifully moist.
  • The lotion kept her hands smooth and moist.
  • The freshly baked cookies were warm and moist.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Moist:

  • The sponge cake was moister than the previous one.
  • Her skin felt moister after applying the new moisturizer.
  • The cloth became moister as it soaked up the liquid.
  • The air in the bathroom was moister than in the bedroom.
  • The moister soil helped the plants grow faster.
  • The wipes left her skin feeling even moister.
  • The rain made the air moister and refreshed the surroundings.
  • The second layer of paint made the wall moister.
  • Her hands felt moister after using the hand cream.
  • The cake was slightly moister after adding more oil.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Moist:

  • The brownies were the moistest she had ever tasted.
  • Her skin felt the moistest after using the hydrating mask.
  • The towel became the moistest as it absorbed the water.
  • The rainforest had the moistest climate on Earth.
  • The cake claimed to be the moistest in town.
  • The wipes left her skin feeling the moistest it had ever been.
  • The rain made the air the moistest it had been all year.
  • The sponge became the moistest after soaking in water.
  • Her hands felt the moistest after applying the lotion.
  • The pie was declared the moistest at the baking contest.

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