3 Degrees of Long, Comparative Degree of Long, Superlative Degree of Long

Meaning of Long: large in longitude or length

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Long

The comparative degree of long is the longer, and the superlative degree of long is the longest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Long longer longest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Long:

  • The road stretched out for a long distance.
  • We had a long conversation about our dreams.
  • The movie seemed long but was worth it.
  • The queue at the supermarket was long but moved quickly.
  • The journey felt long but we finally arrived.
  • The bridge was long and offered a beautiful view.
  • I had a long day at work and needed rest.
  • The summer days are long and filled with sunshine.
  • The book had a long list of characters.
  • The hairpin was long and held her hair in place.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Long:

  • The river is longer than the one we crossed before.
  • Our conversation was longer than anticipated.
  • The extended edition of the movie felt longer but had more details.
  • The queue at the amusement park was longer than expected.
  • The journey to the top of the mountain was longer than we thought.
  • The bridge was longer than we had imagined.
  • The meeting at work ran longer than scheduled.
  • The winter nights are longer than the summer nights.
  • The book had a longer plot than I initially thought.
  • The necklace was longer and reached her waist.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Long:

  • The river is the longest in the region.
  • Our conversation was the longest we’ve ever had.
  • The director’s cut of the movie is the longest version.
  • The queue at the theme park was the longest I’ve seen.
  • The journey to the top of the mountain was the longest I’ve ever taken.
  • The bridge is the longest in the city.
  • The meeting at work lasted the longest out of all the meetings.
  • The winter nights are the longest of the year.
  • The book had the longest chapters I’ve come across.
  • The necklace was the longest she had ever worn.

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