3 Degrees of Tasty, Comparative Degree of Tasty, Superlative Degree of Tasty

Meaning of Tasty: having a pleasant, distinct flavour.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Tasty

Comparative degree of Tasty is tastier, superlative degree of Tasty is tastiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Tasty tastier tastiest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Tasty:

  • The chocolate cake is tasty and rich.
  • The restaurant serves a tasty burger with fries.
  • She baked a batch of tasty cookies for the party.
  • The pizza from that place is always tasty.
  • His mother cooks the most tasty meals at home.
  • The ice cream shop has a variety of tasty flavors.
  • The soup is warm and tasty on a cold day.
  • They offer a range of tasty options on the menu.
  • The fresh strawberries were juicy and tasty.
  • The pasta dish was tasty with a hint of garlic.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Tasty:

  • The new recipe makes the cake even tastier.
  • This restaurant’s pizza is tastier than the other one.
  • Her homemade lasagna is tastier than the store-bought version.
  • The new chef’s dishes are getting tastier each day.
  • The second slice of pie was even tastier than the first.
  • The spicy sauce made the meal tastier than expected.
  • The special blend of spices made the curry tastier.
  • His version of the recipe is definitely tastier than mine.
  • The food festival had various stalls with tastier options.
  • The marinade made the chicken wings much tastier.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Tasty:

  • The chocolate cake is the tastiest dessert on the menu.
  • This restaurant’s burger is the tastiest in town.
  • Her brownies are the tastiest treat at the bake sale.
  • The chef’s special dish is the tastiest in the restaurant.
  • The homemade ice cream is the tastiest I’ve ever had.
  • The coffee shop serves the tastiest latte in the city.
  • The pastry chef creates the tastiest pastries in the bakery.
  • Their signature dish is the tastiest item on the menu.
  • The food critic declared it the tastiest dish of the year.
  • The locally sourced produce makes the salads the tastiest.

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