3 Degrees of Safe, Comparative Degree of Safe, Superlative Degree of Safe

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Meaning of Safe: protected from or not exposed to danger

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Safe

The comparative degree of Safe is safer, superlative degree of Safe is safest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Safe safer safest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Safe:

  • The strong lock made her feel safe in her home.
  • He found a safe place to hide during the storm.
  • The security guard ensured that the building was safe.
  • Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is important to stay safe.
  • The parents felt relieved knowing their child was safe at school.
  • The lifeguard’s presence made the beach a safe place to swim.
  • The password-protected file kept the information safe from unauthorized access.
  • The seatbelt is designed to keep passengers safe in a car.
  • She walked confidently through the neighborhood, feeling safe.
  • The traveler carried a money belt to keep their valuables safe.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Safe:

  • This password is safer than the previous one you used.
  • The new security system made the house safer than ever.
  • Using a VPN makes your online browsing safer than before.
  • The reinforced door is safer than the old one.
  • The addition of security cameras made the neighborhood safer.
  • Installing smoke detectors can make your home safer.
  • The encrypted messaging app is safer for private conversations.
  • Taking a direct flight is usually safer than connecting flights.
  • The updated antivirus software provides a safer online experience.
  • The high-security vault is safer than traditional safes.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Safe:

  • The bank’s vault is the safest place to store valuables.
  • The underground bunker was considered the safest spot during the tornado.
  • The security measures at the airport are among the safest in the world.
  • The fortified fortress was believed to be the safest in the kingdom.
  • The password manager ensures the safest storage of sensitive information.
  • The armored vehicle provided the safest transportation for valuable goods.
  • The nuclear power plant follows the safest protocols for operation.
  • The safety deposit box is the safest option for storing important documents.
  • The high-security prison is known as one of the safest facilities.
  • The encryption software guarantees the safest communication channels.

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