3 Degrees of Soon, Comparative Degree of Soon, Superlative Degree of Soon

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Meaning of Soon: in or after a short time.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Soon

Comparative degree of Soon is sooner, superlative degree of Soon is soonest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Soon sooner soonest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Soon:

  • The sun will rise soon and bring warmth.
  • We’ll be home soon to have dinner.
  • The project will be finished soon.
  • He’ll arrive soon to join the meeting.
  • The flowers will bloom soon in the spring.
  • The rain will stop soon and the skies will clear.
  • They will announce the winner soon.
  • The plane will depart soon for its destination.
  • The weekend will be here soon.
  • We will know the result soon.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Soon:

  • She arrived sooner than expected.
  • The package will be delivered sooner than planned.
  • He finished his work sooner than anticipated.
  • The train arrived sooner than scheduled.
  • The cake will be ready sooner than we thought.
  • They’ll leave for the trip sooner than they thought.
  • The flowers will bloom sooner than usual this year.
  • The rain stopped sooner than predicted.
  • The concert will start sooner than we imagined.
  • The weekend will come sooner than you know.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Soon:

  • She arrived the soonest out of all the guests.
  • The package was delivered the soonest as it could be.
  • He finished his work the soonest of all his colleagues.
  • The train arrived the soonest it ever had.
  • The cake will be ready the soonest it can be.
  • They’ll leave for the trip the soonest they can.
  • The flowers will bloom the soonest they ever have.
  • The rain stopped the soonest it possibly could.
  • The concert will start the soonest as it’s allowed.
  • The weekend will come the soonest as it’s scheduled.

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