3 Degrees of Brief, Comparative Degree of Brief, Superlative Degree of Brief

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Brief

Comparative degree of brief is briefer and Superlative degree of brief is briefest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for brief.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Brief briefer briefest

Examples Using Positive Degree of brief:

  • He gave a brief overview of the topic.
  • The speaker delivered a brief but impactful speech.
  • She shared a brief summary of the research findings.
  • The meeting was kept brief to save time.
  • The article provided a brief introduction to the subject.
  • He wrote a brief note to express his gratitude.
  • The presentation offered a brief glimpse into the project.
  • The movie trailer gave a brief preview of the plot.
  • The instructor gave a brief demonstration of the technique.
  • The email contained a brief update on the situation.

Example Using Comparative Degree of brief:

  • His explanation was briefer than I expected.
  • The second presentation was briefer than the first.
  • She made her point briefer than others in the debate.
  • The summary provided was briefer than necessary.
  • The second edition of the book was briefer than the first.
  • He concluded his argument briefer than his opponent.
  • The instructor’s lecture was briefer than usual.
  • The documentary was briefer than anticipated.
  • The interview was briefer than scheduled.
  • The discussion was briefer than productive.

Example Using Superlative Degree of brief:

  • His explanation was the briefest I’ve ever heard.
  • The final presentation was the briefest of them all.
  • She provided the briefest response in the debate.
  • The summary given was the briefest possible.
  • The new edition of the book was the briefest yet.
  • He concluded his argument as the briefest speaker.
  • The instructor’s lecture was the briefest in the series.
  • The documentary turned out to be the briefest in length.
  • The interview ended up being the briefest ever.
  • The discussion was the briefest but still meaningful.

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