20 Sentences Using ‘DOES’, DOES in Example Sentences

Does is an English auxiliary verb that is used to make questions and affirmative sentences. It can also be used to create negative sentences and passive voice. In this article, we will look at 20 examples of how DOES can be used in different contexts.

How to Use Does in a Sentence?

The word “does” is the third-person singular form of the verb “do” and is used to form questions and negative sentences in the present tense. Here are some examples of how to use “does” in a sentence:

  1. “Does he like pizza?” – This is a question that asks if a specific person (he) likes pizza.
  2. “She does not eat meat.” – This is a negative sentence that states that a specific person (she) does not eat meat.
  3. “Does the train arrive on time?” – This is a question that asks if a specific train arrives on time.
  4. “He does his homework every night.” – This is a positive sentence that states that a specific person (he) does his homework every night.
  5. “Does this shirt come in a larger size?” – This is a question that asks if a specific shirt comes in a larger size.

In general, “does” is used to refer to singular third-person subjects in present tense questions and negatives.

20 Sentences Using ‘DOES’

  1. Does your dog like to play fetch?
  2. Where does your family usually go on vacation?
  3. Does your car need an oil change?
  4. How often does it rain in this area?
  5. Does your phone have a good camera?
  6. What time does the store close?
  7. Does your job require a lot of travel?
  8. How much does that shirt cost?
  9. Does your friend like to cook?
  10. Does your sister have any pets?
  11. How does this machine work?
  12. Does your son have any allergies?
  13. How long does it take to get to the airport?
  14. Does your company offer health insurance?
  15. Does your daughter play any sports?
  16. How does this medication make you feel?
  17. Does your boss expect you to work overtime?
  18. How much does it cost to rent an apartment in this area?
  19. Does your school have a good reputation?
  20. How does your team plan to win the game?

does in example sentences

Negative Sentences Using ‘Does’

  1. John does not like to eat vegetables.
  2. She does not speak French fluently.
  3. The train does not arrive on time very often.
  4. He does not have any plans for the weekend.
  5. The restaurant does not serve breakfast after 11 am.
  6. He does not enjoy watching horror movies.
  7. The company does not offer paid vacation time.
  8. She does not know how to swim.
  9. The hotel does not allow pets in the rooms.
  10. He does not want to attend the party.

Interrogative Sentences Using ‘Does’

  1. Does your sister play any musical instruments?
  2. Does the restaurant offer vegetarian options?
  3. Does your boss approve of the new project plan?
  4. Does the library have a copy of that book available?
  5. Does your friend want to come with us to the concert?
  6. Does the school provide transportation for students?
  7. Does your car have a GPS system installed?
  8. Does the city have any public parks or gardens?
  9. Does your company have any job openings currently?
  10. Does the movie theater offer discounts for senior citizens?


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