10 Sentences Using ‘HAD’, HAD in Example Sentences

The English language is filled with many different tenses, but the past perfect tense is often one of the more difficult to master. While it may seem daunting, however, it can be mastered with practice and dedication. In this article, we’ll explore 10 sentences using “had,” and show you how to use them in example sentences. We’ll also look at some of the common uses for the past perfect tense and offer tips on how best to use it in your writing.

had in example sentences

10 Sentences Using Had

  1. I had breakfast this morning.
  2. She had a difficult time studying for the exam.
  3. They had to cancel the trip due to bad weather.
  4. He had a wonderful time at the party last night.
  5. We had a long conversation about our future plans.
  6. The company had to lay off some employees to cut costs.
  7. The athlete had trained hard for months before the competition.
  8. The children had already finished their homework before dinner.
  9. She had never traveled outside of her home country before.
  10. The teacher assigned a challenging project to the students.

Negative Sentences Using Had | Sentence Of Had Not

  1. I had not finished my homework before the deadline.
  2. She had not seen the movie yet, so we decided to watch it together.
  3. They had not traveled outside of the country before their honeymoon.
  4. He had not spoken to his ex-girlfriend in months.
  5. We had not expected the storm to be so severe.
  6. The car had not been serviced in over a year.
  7. She had not studied enough for the test, so she failed it.
  8. They had not realized how expensive the vacation would be until they got there.
  9. He had not eaten anything all day, so he was starving.
  10. The company had not made any profits in the last quarter.

Interrogative Sentences Using Had

  1. Had you already gone to the store when I called?
  2. Had they left for the trip by the time you arrived?
  3. Had she finished her homework before dinner?
  4. Had he packed his bags by yesterday evening?
  5. Had we made all of the necessary arrangements for the party?
  6. Had you read the book before you went to the movie?
  7. Had they started their project by last week?
  8. Had she been studying for her exam since morning?
  9. Had he already applied for the job before I told him about it?
  10. Had we agreed on all of the details before signing the contract?

‘She Had’ in Sentences

  1. She had a cat.
  2. She had a car.
  3. She had a hat.
  4. She had a dream.
  5. She had a plan.
  6. She had a goal.
  7. She had a book.
  8. She had a phone.
  9. She had a job.
  10. She had a smile.
  11. She had a look of determination in her eyes.
  12. She had an innate sense of understanding.
  13. She had a generous and kind heart.
  14. She had an unwavering commitment to her goals.
  15. She had a unique ability to connect with people around her.
  16. She had a burning passion for justice and fairness.

‘He Had’ in Sentences

  1. He had a big smile on his face when he saw the surprise party.
  2. He had a difficult time understanding the instructions.
  3. He had a lot of work to do before the deadline.
  4. He had a talent for playing the guitar.
  5. He had to cancel his plans due to a sudden illness.

‘They Had’ in Sentences

  1. They had a wonderful time at the beach.
  2. They had different opinions on the topic.
  3. They had to postpone the meeting due to the bad weather.
  4. They had a successful business venture together.
  5. They had no idea how to solve the problem.

‘I Had’ in Sentences

  1. I had a great time at the party last night.
  2. I had to wake up early for the meeting.
  3. I had a feeling that something was wrong.
  4. I had to ask for help to finish the project.
  5. I had a delicious dinner at the new restaurant.

‘We Had’ in Sentences

  1. We had a fun day exploring the city.
  2. We had a productive team meeting.
  3. We had to reschedule the appointment.
  4. We had a great time at the concert.
  5. We had a lot of support from our friends and family.

‘You Had’ in Sentences

  1. You had a great idea for the project.
  2. You had to make a difficult decision.
  3. You had a lot of energy during the workout.
  4. You had a wonderful vacation in Europe.
  5. You had no choice but to apologize.

‘It Had’ in Sentences

  1. It had been raining all day.
  2. It had a strange smell that I couldn’t identify.
  3. It had a beautiful view of the mountains.
  4. It had a small scratch on the surface.
  5. It had a calming effect on my mind.


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