Double Prepositions: 50 Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences

50 Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences! Prepositions are words used to express a relationship between two other words in a sentence. Double prepositions are when two prepositions are used together in the same phrase. Although double prepositions can sound awkward, they are quite common in English and can be found in both formal and informal contexts. In this article, we will explore 50 examples of double prepositions in sentences to better understand how they work.

What is a Double Preposition?

A double preposition is a phrase consisting of two prepositions used together to express a relationship between two elements in a sentence. Double prepositions are often used in English to convey specific meanings that cannot be expressed using a single preposition.

Examples of double prepositions include “out of”, “up to”, “in front of”, “off of”, “on to”, “in spite of”, “by means of”, “in accordance with”, “for the sake of”, “with regard to”, and “in lieu of”.

It is important to note that not all two-word combinations of prepositions are double prepositions. For example, “by accident” is not a double preposition, but rather a preposition and a noun used together.

50 Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences

  1. The cat jumped onto the table to get closer to the window.
  2. She placed the vase next to the lamp on the shelf.
  3. He leaned against the wall while waiting for his friend.
  4. The painting hung above the fireplace added a cozy feel to the room.
  5. They walked through the park on their way home.
  6. She left the note on top of the book for him to find.
  7. The bird flew right over the trees toward the lake.
  8. He placed his cup down onto the coaster.
  9. She draped the blanket over the back of the sofa.
  10. The kids ran all around the yard during the party.
  11. The dog curled up next to the fireplace to stay warm.
  12. The keys were right under the newspaper on the table.
  13. He put the letter back into the envelope after reading it.
  14. She hung the mirror above the sink in the bathroom.
  15. The plane flew right through the clouds toward the horizon.
  16. The squirrel scampered up onto the tree to escape the dog.
  17. She spread the picnic blanket out onto the grass in the park.
  18. The stars shone bright above the city despite the lights.
  19. He carefully placed the glasses back onto the shelf after cleaning them.
  20. The boat drifted slowly across the lake toward the dock.
  21. The children built a fort out of cushions right in the living room.
  22. She tucked the letter inside of the book on the shelf.
  23. The cat jumped from the countertop onto the floor.
  24. He moved the chair from beside the table to against the wall.
  25. The sun peeked through the curtains early in the morning.
  26. She poured the water from the pitcher into the glass.
  27. The leaves fell from the tree onto the ground below.
  28. He set the alarm for before sunrise to go jogging.
  29. The painting was between the two windows above the couch.
  30. The bird built its nest high up in the tree above the ground.
  31. She placed the pillow at the head of the bed.
  32. The flowers were right in front of the window, bathing in the sunlight.
  33. He placed his bag down by the door upon entering.
  34. The kids played around the fountain in the park.
  35. She hung her coat on the hook by the door.
  36. The moon shone brightly above the sea, casting a silver path across the water.
  37. They arranged the chairs in a circle around the campfire.
  38. The book was hidden beneath the pile of papers on the desk.
  39. He parked his car right next to hers in the parking lot.
  40. The cat nestled comfortably between the cushions on the couch.
  41. She placed the vase directly in the center of the dining table.
  42. The snow covered everything from the rooftops to the ground.
  43. He walked from the kitchen to the living room with a tray of snacks.
  44. The airplane passed high above the clouds toward its destination.
  45. The keys were right behind the bread box on the kitchen counter.
  46. She slipped the note into the pages of his notebook.
  47. The lights hung from the ceiling to the floor, creating a dramatic effect.
  48. He placed the mat down onto the floor for yoga.
  49. The boat sailed from the harbor into the open sea.
  50. She draped the garland around the doorframe, adding to the festive decor.

Examples of Double Prepositions in Sentences


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