30 Relative Clauses Examples

30 Relative Clauses Examples! Looking for a way to improve your English speaking and writing skills? Start by learning about relative clauses! Belonging to a specific group of subordinate clauses, relative clauses provide additional information about nouns and pronouns in a sentence. In order to understand this tricky grammatical concept, it helps to see lots of examples. So today, we’re going over 30 different examples of relative clauses.

Below are 30 examples:

  1. I bought a new car that is very fast.
  2. She lives in New York, which she likes.
  3. I’m looking for a secretary that can use a computer well.
  4. She has a son who is a doctor.
  5. We bought a house which is 200 years old.
  6. I sent a letter that arrived three weeks later.
  7. The people who live on the island are very friendly.
  8. The man who phoned is my brother.
  9. The camera that costs £100 is over there.
  10. The house that belongs to Julie is in London.
  11. She loves the chocolate which I bought.
  12. We went to the village that Lucy recommended.
  13. John met a woman with who I had been to school.
  14. The police arrested a man who Jill worked with.
  15. The bike that I loved was stolen.
  16. The university that she likes is famous.
  17. The woman that my brother loves is from Mexico.
  18. The doctor that my grandmother liked lives in New York.
  19. My boss, who is very nice, lives in Manchester.
  20. My sister, who I live with, knows a lot about cars.
  21. My bicycle, which I’ve had for more than ten years, is falling apart.
  22. My mother’s house, which I grew up in, is very small.
  23. The music that Julie listens to is good.
  24. My brother met a woman who I used to work with.
  25. The country that he went to is very hot.
  26. I visited the city that John comes from.
  27. The job that she applied for is well paid.
  28. The dog whose owner lives next door is over there.
  29. The little girl whose doll was lost is sad.
  30. The woman whose car is a BMW is coming tonight.