Relative Clause: 30 Relative Clauses Examples, & Exercises

Welcome to our article on relative clauses! In this article, we will explore the concept of relative clauses and provide 30 examples, as well as some exercises for you to practice your understanding. Relative clauses are a vital part of the English language and are used to combine two related thoughts into one sentence. They can be an important way to add detail and provide more information in a sentence.

What is a Relative Clause?

A relative clause is a type of subordinate clause that typically modifies or describes a noun or pronoun in a sentence. It provides additional information about the noun or pronoun by introducing a relative pronoun (such as “who,” “whom,” “whose,” “which,” or “that”) to connect the clause to the noun or pronoun.

For example, in the sentence “The man who is wearing the blue shirt is my brother,” the relative clause “who is wearing the blue shirt” modifies the noun “man” by providing additional information about him. The relative pronoun “who” connects the clause to the noun “man.”

Relative clauses can be either restrictive or non-restrictive.

A restrictive relative clause (that is also called defining relative clause) provides essential information about the noun or pronoun, and without it, the meaning of the sentence would be unclear or incomplete.

A non-restrictive relative clause (that is also called non defining relative clause) provides additional information about the noun or pronoun, but it is not necessary for the sentence’s overall meaning.

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30 Examples of Relative Clause in Sentences

  1. The movie that we watched last night was fantastic.
  2. She’s the girl who lives next door.
  3. The book which I borrowed from the library was informative.
  4. The teacher whose class I attended explained the topic well.
  5. The cake that my sister baked tasted delicious.
  6. The city where I was born is very beautiful.
  7. The restaurant which they recommended turned out to be great.
  8. The gift that you gave me was thoughtful.
  9. The dog that barked loudly woke the neighbors.
  10. The athlete who won the gold medal was celebrated.
  11. The artist whose painting we admired was humble.
  12. The song that we danced to was catchy.
  13. The car which she bought last year is very fast.
  14. The dress that I wore to the party was comfortable.
  15. The actor who played the lead role was impressive.
  16. The vacation which we planned for months was enjoyable.
  17. The meal that my mother cooked was scrumptious.
  18. The friend who always supports me is trustworthy.
  19. The company where I work treats its employees well.
  20. The experiment they conducted yielded interesting results.
  21. The tree that was struck by lightning had to be cut down.
  22. The house where we used to live was recently renovated.
  23. The flowers which she planted bloomed beautifully.
  24. The shoes that I bought online were too small.
  25. The scientist whose theory we studied was awarded the Nobel Prize.
  26. The laptop which I use for work is lightweight.
  27. The photographer who captured the stunning image was praised.
  28. The store where we bought the furniture offered a discount.
  29. The team that scored the winning goal celebrated their victory.
  30. The novel which I read on vacation was a page-turner.

30 Examples of Relative Clause in Sentences

Restrictive Relative Clauses Examples

Below are examples of restrictive/defining relative clauses:

  1. The girl who sits next to me is my best friend.
  2. The car that has a broken headlight needs to be fixed.
  3. The restaurant which offers vegan options is popular among vegetarians.
  4. The book that I lent you is my favorite.
  5. The house where he grew up holds many memories.
  6. The teacher who taught me English was very patient.
  7. The phone that I lost contained important contacts.
  8. The employee who arrived late missed the meeting.
  9. The movie that won several awards was directed by a famous filmmaker.
  10. The dog which has a blue-collar belongs to the neighbor.
  11. The shirt that I bought last week has already faded.
  12. The artist whose work is displayed at the museum is a local talent.
  13. The hotel where we stayed had excellent service.
  14. The bakery which sells fresh croissants is always crowded in the morning.
  15. The laptop that has a cracked screen is still functional.
  16. The tree that grows in our backyard provides shade during the summer.
  17. The plane which leaves at 9 pm will take us to our destination.
  18. The store that offers the best discounts attracts more customers.
  19. The athlete who broke the world record trained for years.
  20. The recipe which contains chocolate is my go-to dessert.

Non-Restrictive Relative Clauses Examples

Below are examples of non-restrictive non defining relative clauses:

  1. My new bike, which has a comfortable seat, is perfect for long rides.
  2. The museum, which was built in the 19th century, is a popular tourist attraction.
  3. The old oak tree, which is over 100 years old, is a landmark in our town.
  4. Lisa, who is an excellent cook, prepared dinner for the whole family.
  5. The library, where I usually study, is a quiet and relaxing place.
  6. My brother, who works as a software engineer, recently bought a new house.
  7. The park, which is just a few blocks away, is a great spot for picnics.
  8. The CEO of the company, who is a respected leader, delivered an inspiring speech.
  9. The new shopping mall, which opened last month, has many high-end stores.
  10. The Eiffel Tower, which is located in Paris, is a famous symbol of France.
  11. Mary, whose paintings are quite popular, opened her own art gallery.
  12. The river, which runs through our city, is a source of inspiration for many artists.
  13. My cousin, who lives in London, is coming to visit us next month.
  14. The concert, which was attended by thousands of fans, lasted for three hours.
  15. The school, where my children attend, has a strong focus on science and technology.
  16. The beach, which is a popular spot in the summer, gets crowded on weekends.
  17. The historic building, which has been renovated recently, now houses a museum.
  18. The new employee, who has a degree in marketing, is very creative.
  19. The theater, which was designed by a famous architect, is an architectural masterpiece.
  20. The island, which is known for its pristine beaches, is a popular vacation destination.

30 Examples of Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses Exercises

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences with the appropriate relative pronoun (who, which, or whose). Some sentences may have more than one correct option.

  1. The man _______ is standing there is my uncle.
  2. The book _______ I read last week was very interesting.
  3. The girl _______ found the lost puppy is a hero.
  4. The cake _______ she made was delicious.
  5. The artist _______ paintings are displayed in the gallery is very talented.


  1. who
  2. which
  3. who
  4. which
  5. whose

Defining And Non Defining Relative Clauses Exercises

Exercise 2: Identify whether the following sentences contain restrictive (R) or non-restrictive (NR) relative clauses.

  1. The laptop, which I bought last year, is still in great condition. ( )
  2. The shoes that I wore to the party were uncomfortable. ( )
  3. My neighbor, who is a doctor, gave me some advice about my health. ( )
  4. The movie that we saw last night was fantastic. ( )
  5. The flowers, which she planted last spring, have bloomed beautifully. ( )


  1. NR
  2. R
  3. NR
  4. R
  5. NR

Relative Clause Examples With Answers Exercise

Exercise 3: Combine the following pairs of sentences using relative clauses.

  1. The woman is my aunt. She lives in New York.
  2. The boy won the competition. He is my brother.
  3. The building is famous. It has a unique design.
  4. The restaurant serves Italian food. It is my favorite.
  5. The car is very fast. She bought it last month.


  1. The woman who lives in New York is my aunt.
  2. The boy who won the competition is my brother.
  3. The building which has a unique design is famous.
  4. The restaurant which serves Italian food is my favorite.
  5. The car which she bought last month is very fast.