15 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense

15 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense! Looking to improve your English speaking skills? Start by using the present continuous tense in your sentences. This verb tense is used to describe actions that are happening now, and it can be a great way to make your conversations more fluid and natural. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to form the present continuous tense, as well as provide some examples of its use. Keep reading for more information!

15 sentences in present continuous tense

Below are 15 examples:

  1. She is helping her mother in the kitchen.
  2. I am taking a bath right now.
  3. He is giving an interview on a TV channel.
  4. They are wearing beautiful dresses while coming here.
  5. While he is traveling, he met an accident and got injured badly.
  6. I am waking up early morning.
  7. She is writing an email when he called her up.
  8. He is reading a newspaper right now.
  9. It is raining heavily while we are walking towards the bus stop.
  10. You are getting late by every passing minute.
  11. While she is sleeping he did her work.
  12. I am doing my daily chores at the moment.
  13. He is playing with his lovely pet dog.
  14. How can we are getting to the airport?
  15. She is playing piano very well.