20 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

20 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences! Verbs are essential components of any sentence and they can come in many forms. One of the most common types of verbs is the regular verb, which follows a strict conjugation pattern. To help you get better acquainted with these important words, this article will provide 20 examples of regular verbs used in sentences. These examples are organized by verb tense, so you can see how regular verbs change in different contexts.

20 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

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20 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

1. Admit – Admitted – Admitted

  • I admit that I was wrong.
  • He admitted his mistake to his boss.
  • The suspect admitted to the crime during the interrogation.

2. Appreciate – Appreciated – Appreciated

  • I appreciate your help with the project.
  • She appreciated the beauty of the sunset.
  • They appreciated the gesture of kindness from their neighbors.

3. Arrive – Arrived – Arrived

  • The train arrives at the station at 9 am.
  • He arrived late for the meeting due to traffic.
  • The train had already arrived by the time we got to the station.

4. Construct – Constructed – Constructed

  • The builders construct a new building in the city.
  • The company constructed a new office building.
  • The workers constructed a wooden fence around the garden.

5. Cycle – Cycled – Cycled

  • She cycles to work every day.
  • They cycled through the countryside on the weekend.
  • He cycled in the park for an hour.

6. Damage – Damaged – Damaged

  • The storm damages the roof of the house.
  • He accidentally damaged his phone screen.
  • The car was severely damaged in the accident.

7. Dance – Danced – Danced

  • She dances┬ábeautifully at the wedding.
  • They danced to their favorite song at the party.
  • He danced with his daughter at the father-daughter dance.

8. Establish – Established – Established

  • The company establishes a new branch in the city.
  • They established a new policy for employee benefits.
  • He established himself as a respected expert in the field.

9. Estimate – Estimated – Estimated

  • She estimates the cost of the project.
  • The report estimated that the population would increase by 5%.
  • He estimated that the journey would take about four hours.

10. Greet – Greeted – Greeted

  • She greets me with a warm smile.
  • They greeted their guests at the door.
  • He greeted his friend with a hug.

11. Joke – Joked – Joked

  • She jokes about the funny incident that happened at work.
  • They joked with each other during the game.
  • He joked with his colleagues during the break.

12. Lie – Lied – Lied

  • She lies to her parents about her whereabouts.
  • They lied about their qualifications on the job application.
  • He lied about his age to get into the club.

13. Love – Loved – Loved

  • She loves spending time with her family.
  • They loved the delicious food at the restaurant.
  • He loved watching movies on weekends.

14. Relax – Relaxed – Relaxed

  • She relaxes on the beach during her vacation.
  • They relaxed in the spa after a long day at work.
  • He relaxed at home with a good book.

15. Scold – Scolded – Scolded

  • She scolds her son for not doing his homework.
  • They scolded the employee for being late to the meeting.
  • He scolded his dog for chewing on his shoes.

16. Select – Selected – Selected

  • She selects a dress for the party.
  • They selected the best candidate for the job.
  • He selected a book from the library.

17. Smoke – Smoked – Smoked

  • She smokes a cigarette outside the building.
  • They smoked cigars on the terrace after dinner.
  • He smoked a pipe while reading the newspaper.

18. Type – Typed – Typed

  • She types an email to her colleague.
  • They typed a report for their boss.
  • He typed a letter to his grandmother.

19. Wink – Winked – Winked

  • She winks at her friend to let her know it was a joke.
  • They winked at each other when their boss wasn’t looking.
  • He winked at his wife across the room to signal that he wanted to leave.

20. Yell – Yelled – Yelled

  • She yells for help when she saw a snake in the garden.
  • They yelled to be heard over the loud music at the party.
  • He yelled at his team during the game to motivate them.

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