100 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

100 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense! Are you studying English as a second language? If so, it’s important to understand the present continuous tense. This grammar tense is used to describe actions that are happening right now. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to form and use sentences in the present continuous tense. Let’s get started!

The Present Continuous Tense, also known as the Present Progressive Tense, is a verb tense used to describe an action that is happening at the moment of speaking or is in progress and has not yet finished.

The structure of the Present Continuous Tense is as follows:

Subject + am/is/are + present participle (-ing form of the verb) + object

For example:

  • I am studying for my exams. (subject: I, auxiliary verb: am, main verb: studying)

Note that the present participle form of the verb is created by adding -ing to the base form of the verb. However, there are some spelling rules that apply when adding -ing to certain verbs, such as dropping the final -e or doubling the final consonant.

100 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

  1. Are they not walking with their friends?
  2. He is not watching TV now.
  3. Is she not singing a song?
  4. Is he not making a cake?
  5. He isn’t studying at school this evening.
  6. I am going to see my parents.
  7. Are they not doing homework?
  8. They aren’t doing a dance.
  9. The stars are twinkling in the night sky.
  10. We are watching TV now.
  11. The car is making a strange noise.
  12. The computer is updating its software.
  13. The wind is blowing through the trees.
  14. The audience is applauding the performers.
  15. She is not sleeping now.
  16. Tara isn’t studying for her exams.
  17. He is making a cake right now.
  18. I am singing a song.
  19. She is eating an apple.
  20. She is making a noise.
  21. The leaves is falling from the trees.
  22. You are sleeping, aren’t you?
  23. Are they waiting for their parents?
  24. The gardener is watering the plants.
  25. My parents are celebrating their anniversary tonight.
  26. She is not playing outside.
  27. I am not walking to school right now.
  28. The team is discussing new strategies for the upcoming game.
  29. Are they doing homework?
  30. The deer are grazing peacefully in the meadow.
  31. The chef is preparing a delicious meal for us.
  32. He is studying hard for his exams.
  33. They are doing a dance.
  34. The baker is kneading the dough for fresh bread.
  35. She is not playing outside right now.
  36. Are you studying English?
  37. The students are studying for their exams.
  38. He is not sleeping right now.
  39. My sister is practicing the piano.
  40. The clouds are gathering in the sky, signaling a storm.
  41. The mechanic is fixing the broken car.
  42. I am studying maths.
  43. We are reading a book right now.
  44. The sun is setting behind the mountains.
  45. They aren’t playing football this afternoon.
  46. The construction workers are building a new house.
  47. He isn’t making a cake right now.
  48. The waves are crashing against the shore.
  49. She isn’t singing a song.
  50. I am writing a letter.
  51. She is making a plaza.
  52. The couple is dancing under the moonlight.
  53. They are looking at the moon.
  54. The volunteers are helping clean up the park.
  55. You are taking your umbrella, aren’t you?
  56. She is reading a book in the living room.
  57. We are making a cake.
  58. I am not doing my homework.
  59. They are not doing a dance.
  60. She isn’t drinking tea.
  61. The salesman is persuading the customer to buy the product.
  62. The birds are singing in the trees.
  63. The kettle is boiling on the stove.
  64. We are not going to the store.
  65. The flowers are blooming in the garden.
  66. She isn’t reading a newspaper.
  67. The dog is barking at the mailman.
  68. The rain is pouring down heavily today.
  69. The teacher is explaining a difficult concept to the class.
  70. He is eating an apple.
  71. He is learning English right now.
  72. The plane is taking off from the runway.
  73. The artist is painting a beautiful landscape.
  74. Neither of them is doing homework.
  75. I am helping my father.
  76. The train is arriving at the platform now.
  77. The ice cream is melting in the heat.
  78. I am eating breakfast before leaving for work.
  79. My cat is chasing a butterfly in the garden.
  80. He is watching TV now.
  81. I am not waiting for you.
  82. They are listening to the teacher attentively.
  83. They are not talking to John.
  84. I am waiting for my friend at the coffee shop.
  85. It’s snowing outside!
  86. We are enjoying our vacation at the beach.
  87. Scientists are researching new solutions for climate change.
  88. Is she singing a song?
  89. You are driving to work now, aren’t you?
  90. I am not walking to school.
  91. It’s raining outside!
  92. The children are playing outside with their friends.
  93. Is he not studying for his exams?
  94. The baby is crawling across the floor.
  95. The jogger is running around the park for exercise.
  96. He is playing football.
  97. She is playing outside right now.
  98. He is working on his presentation for tomorrow.
  99. Is he studying for his exams?
  100. The baby is not sleeping.

Negative Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

Here are some negative sentences in the present continuous tense:

  1. I am not studying right now.
  2. She is not playing tennis at the moment.
  3. They are not eating dinner at this time.
  4. He is not working on the project currently.
  5. We are not watching TV at the moment.
  6. The children are not playing in the park now.
  7. My friend is not sleeping yet.
  8. The dog is not chasing the cat right now.
  9. The teacher is not explaining the lesson now.
  10. The company is not expanding its business currently.

Interrogative Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

Here are some interrogative sentences in the present continuous tense:

  1. Are you studying right now?
  2. Is she playing tennis at the moment?
  3. Are they eating dinner at this time?
  4. Is he working on the project currently?
  5. Are we watching TV at the moment?
  6. Are the children playing in the park now?
  7. Is my friend sleeping yet?
  8. Is the dog chasing the cat right now?
  9. Is the teacher explaining the lesson now?
  10. Is the company expanding its business currently?

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100 sentences in present continuous tense


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