20 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense

20 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense! Are you having trouble understanding when to use the present continuous tense? In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at how and when to use this verb tense. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

20 sentences in present continuous tense

Below are examples:

  1. It is raining during our picnic yesterday.
  2. I am feeling very happy today.
  3. He is waiting for his turn patiently.
  4. They are doing their house chores at the moment.
  5. She is preparing dinner at home, so she is going out for dinner with her friends right now.
  6. While I am taking an afternoon nap, someone called me up.
  7. They are playing badminton at the moment.
  8. It is raining heavily while we are returning back home.
  9. We are just leaving for our office, don’t panic if you don’t find anyone at home.
  10. I am working on that project, why do you want to meet me?
  11. She is watering her plants while I am working in my room.
  12. The mother bird is sitting on the eggs, she is warming them for children.
  13. She is doing a lot of work.
  14. He is playing a Guiter.
  15. We are just waiting for you in the restaurant.
  16. They are going to eat a pizza.
  17. I am getting to know about your plan today only.
  18. It has become dark while we are walking on the street.
  19. Are you getting late for your office?
  20. While he is jumping, he fell down and got injured.