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Present continuous Tense

In the present continuous tense first form of the verb is used with the addition of ing. ( 1st form + ing).This tense shows the continuity of action in the present time. “is, am, are” are the helping verbs of this tense. “is” is used with the singulars “am” is only used with I. “are” is used with plural. Like we, you, they, and plural noun.

Affirmative sentences 

Simply 1st form of the verb is used in addition to (ing). Or we can say that the fourth form of the verb is used. 1st form of verb + ing also known as the fourth form of the verb.

Formation :

Sub + helping verb ( is, am, are) + 1st form of verb + ing + object.


  • I am taking a bath.
  • Girls are clapping and dancing.
  • Boys are making noise.
  • He is riding a horse.
  • Many students are participating in sports.

Negative of present continuous tense

When we have to make negative sentences, we use not after helping verb.

Formation :

Subject + helping verb ( is, am, are) + not + 1st form of verb + ing + object.


  • He is not taking a bath.
  • Young is not clapping and dancing.
  • Girls are not making noise.
  • Momin is not riding a horse.
  • Many students are not participating in sports.

Interrogative sentences present continuous tense

In the case of interrogative sentences, the helping verb (is, am, are) is placed at the start of the sentence. And a question mark is added at the end.

Formation :

Helping verb ( is, am, are) + Subject + 1st form of verb + ing + object + ?


  • Is she arguing with the teacher?
  • Is it raining?
  • Are you singing a song?
  • Am I walking on the bridge?
  • Are they sewing clothes?


Helping Verbs

(Is, am and are )

Form of Verb

(first form of verb + ing)

+       Affirmative Sentences


Is/am/are The first form of verb + ing



Am Taking


–          Negative sentences


Helping verb Not 1st form + ing







?       Interrogative Sentences

Helping verb

Subject 1st form of verb + ing Object



We Singing A song


Present Continuous Tense Examples

  • You are shopping in that market.
  • We are watching a movie in this Cineplex.
  • We are coming for shopping in this market.
  • They are playing football now.
  • They are playing cricket in that field.
  • The poet is writing romantic poems.
  • The lyricist is writing realistic songs.
  • She is drinking coffee.
  • My mom is cooking beef with cabbage.
  • I am writing articles on different topics.
  • I am singing different kinds of songs, especially modern.
  • I am not quarreling with you.
  • I am listening to melodious songs.
  • I am helping him to do the task.
  • He is traveling around the world.
  • He is reading various kinds of books.
  • He is going to the library.
  • Are you watching cricket on television?
  • Are you listening to realistic songs?
  • Are you coming to our home?

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