100 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences100 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences

  1. The trees are beginning to leaf out.
  2. This toy machine gun is simple to disassemble.
  3. There is no greater foe for man than himself.
  4. Friendships at the table quickly deteriorate.
  5. A wicked person is his own personal hell.
  6. No one can be excused for not knowing the law.
  7. He had taken a seat in a chair.
  8. An honest man may be hidden by a ragged coat.
  9. A rubber ball is his favorite toy.
  10. A strange person has approached you and requested to see you.
  11. The woman was in the midst of giving birth.
  12. Dave slammed his fist on the table, expressing his dissatisfaction.
  13. His arm was gently yanked by the woman.
  14. A happy person is unlikely to go insane.
  15. His most recent toy is a computer.
  16. She leaped out of her chair.
  17. He regarded the food on the table with longing.
  18. I’m not the most punctual person in the world.
  19. Many a good father has produced a bad child.
  20. He threw his briefcase against a chair.
  21. The spiralling leaf landed on the ground.
  22. Work is frequently the father of pleasure.
  23. Mary took a seat in her chair.
  24. I dragged the chair up to the window and sat down.
  25. Canada’s national emblem is the maple leaf.
  26. The burned child is terrified of fire.
  27. Playing with the cat‘s tail is not a good idea.
  28. With her table napkin, she dabbed her mouth.
  29. He categorically denied ever meeting the woman.
  30. Man is the architect of his own well-being.
  31. On a leaf, he noticed a gleaming green beetle.
  32. Human dignity can only be found in a truly free person.
  33. She is the only one here who can communicate in French.
  34. In his chair, Sonny leaned back.
  35. The burned child is terrified of the fire.
  36. Two crutches are preferable to one foot.
  37. The toy dog is as big as a real dog.
  38. Place the shoe on the appropriate foot.
  39. This table has a lot of dust on it.
  40. Place your belongings on the nearby table.
  41. A crooked shoe has no fear of a straight foot.
  42. There was not a single leaf or insect that moved.
  43. When at rest, the insect resembles a dead leaf.
  44. She ripped a page from her exercise book.
  45. I devised a strategy for catching the mouse.
  46. She shifted in her chair uncomfortably.
  47. Navigate to the menu bar with the mouse pointer.
  48. Every great man is accompanied by a great woman.
  49. On horseback, diseases arrive, but on foot, they leave.
  50. A mouse has taken up residence in our home.
  51. The forest was just starting to turn green.
  52. She resembles a man more than a woman.
  53. A snare had caught the rabbit’s foot.
  54. She was a stunning young lady.
  55. Economy is the old man‘s easy chair.
  56. He was the most apprehensive participant in that situation.
  57. I grabbed the mouse‘s tail and held it in my hands.
  58. A burned child is terrified of the flames.
  59. Not every foot fits every shoe.
  60. What he said was heard by everyone at the table.
  61. This toy is designed to be dismantled.
  62. On the table, he placed a vase of flowers.
  63. The chair‘s height can be adjusted.
  64. I was perched in a swaying plastic chair.
  65. The soup spilled all over the table as a result of my actions.
  66. As well as a child born on the Sabbath.
  67. The baby continued to grab at the toy.
  68. This ripped material could be used to stuff the chair.
  69. Like a leaf, I was trembling.
  70. She is a married woman, so don’t miss her.
  71. The thought’s father is the wish.
  72. In the first person, autobiographies are written.
  73. Take a look at John’s stuffed animal.
  74. Phil sat in his chair, huddled and miserable.
  75. Every mother considers her child to be lovely.
  76. Grandad had fallen asleep in his chair.
  77. Like his father, he is like his son.
  78. People nowadays prefer to travel by foot.
  79. The man is the father of (or to) the child.
  80. The man‘s father is the child.