100 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences

100 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences! Collective nouns are an important part of our language and can often be heard in daily conversations. They refer to a group of persons, animals, or things as one whole unit. In this article, we will explore 100 different examples of collective nouns used in sentences. Each sentence will feature a collective noun describing a group of people, animals, or things, giving readers a better understanding of how these special words work within language structure.

What is a Collective Noun?

A collective noun is a type of noun that refers to a group of individuals, animals, or things. It is a singular noun that represents a collection of entities as a single entity or unit.

Examples of collective nouns include “team,” “herd,” “flock,” “family,” “audience,” “crew,” and “committee.” For instance, “a team of players,” “a herd of elephants,” “a flock of birds,” “a family of five,” “an audience of theatergoers,” “a crew of sailors,” and “a committee of experts.”

Collective nouns can be used with a singular or plural verb, depending on the context. In British English, collective nouns are more commonly used with a plural verb, while in American English, they are more frequently used with a singular verb.

100 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences 1

100 Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences

  1. The farmer collected a sheaf of grain from each row of wheat in the field.
  2. The birder watched a pod of birds flying south for the winter.
  3. The dealership sold a fleet of cars during its end-of-year sale.
  4. The store manager handed out a catalog of prices to all the customers.
  5. The hiker spotted a mob of deer grazing in the meadow.
  6. The teller counted out a rouleau of money for the customer.
  7. The postman delivered a packet of letters to the front door.
  8. The birdwatcher marveled at a skein of wild geese in flight
  9. The grocer sold a hand of bananas to the customer.
  10. The runner laced up a pair of shoes before hitting the trail.
  11. The hostess served a bowl of rice as a side dish for the meal.
  12. The beekeeper tended to the swarm of bees in the hive.
  13. The cashier counted out a roll of coins for the customer’s purchase.
  14. The police officer drove on patrol with a patrol of policemen in the car.
  15. The child collected a bundle of sticks for the campfire.
  16. The hiker climbed the flight of stairs to reach the lookout point.
  17. The farmer tended to an orchard of fruit trees in the summer.
  18. The director auditioned a company of actors for the lead roles.
  19. The poet published an anthology of poems in a new book.
  20. The family played cards with a pack of cards in the living room.
  21. The hostess invited a party of friends to celebrate her birthday.
  22. The housekeeper carried a bunch of keys to open all the doors in the mansion.
  23. The airshow featured a flight of airplanes performing daring stunts.
  24. The coach assembled a team of players for the big game.
  25. The dealership sold a fleet of vehicles of all different makes and models.
  26. The filmmaker edited a reel of the film for the upcoming festival.
  27. The scoutmaster led a troop of scouts on a camping trip.
  28. The gardener tended to a hedge of bushes in the backyard.
  29. The gypsies traveled in a caravan of gypsies across the country.
  30. The woman wore a string of pearls around her neck to the party.
  31. The lumberjack stacked a stack of wood for the winter.
  32. The archer carried a quiver of arrows on his back to the range.
  33. The horse trainer tended to a stud of horses at the ranch.
  34. The sanitation worker hauled away a heap of rubbish from the curb.
  35. The national park had a sloth of bears living in the woods.
  36. The sailmaker crafted a fitting of sails for the new yacht.
  37. The potter shaped a bunch of crocks on the wheel.
  38. The golfers played with a set of clubs on the course.
  39. The forecast called for a shower of rain in the afternoon.
  40. The grocer sold a cluster of coconuts to the customer.
  41. The army had a battery of artillery to defend the fort.
  42. The waiter brought a serving of spoons to the table for the dessert.
  43. The woman organized her clothes in a chest of drawers in the bedroom.
  44. The family enjoyed a bowl of rice with their dinner every night.
  45. The friends took turns buying a round of drinks at the bar.
  46. The hiker rented a pair of shoes to climb the mountain.
  47. The rancher tended to a string of horses at the ranch.
  48. The farmer harvested a harvest of wheat from the fields in the fall.
  49. The general commanded a regiment of soldiers to protect the country.
  50. The family played cards with a pack of cards during their vacation.
  51. The housekeeper carried a bunch of keys to all the rooms in the hotel.
  52. The farmer plowed the fields with a team of oxen in the spring.
  53. The cook prepared a rope of onions for the stew.
  54. The CEO managed a staff of employees in the company.
  55. The grocer sold a cluster of coconuts at the market.
  56. The writer purchased a ream of paper for the printer.
  57. The congregation gathered for a congregation of worshippers every Sunday.
  58. The naturalist observed a colony of badgers living in the woods.
  59. The writer published an anthology of prose in a new book.
  60. The geographer studied an atlas of maps to learn about the world.
  61. The postman delivered a packet of letters to the office.
  62. The fashion designer created an outfit of clothes for the runway.
  63. The teacher instructed a class of students in the classroom.
  64. The executive reviewed the agenda for an agenda of tasks for the day.
  65. The bank teller counted a wad of notes for the customer’s deposit.
  66. The beekeeper tended to an erst of bees in the hive.
  67. The fishermen sailed in a fleet of boats to catch fish.
  68. The explorer encountered a tribe of natives in the jungle.
  69. The reader borrowed a library of books from the public library.
  70. The choir performed with a choir of singers at the concert.
  71. The bank teller counted a wad of notes for the customer’s withdrawal.
  72. The woman wore a string of pearls to the gala event.
  73. The police officers chased after a posse of policemen in the car.
  74. The writer published a garland of sonnets in a new book.
  75. The mountaineer climbed a range of mountains to reach the summit.
  76. The beekeeper tended to a swarm of bees in the apiary.
  77. The gardener tended to a hedge of bushes in the park.
  78. The writer kept a book of notes for inspiration.
  79. The pet owner listened to a chatter of budgerigars in the birdcage.
  80. The archer carried a quiver of arrows on his back to the competition.
  81. The construction workers gathered A cloud of dust as they drilled into the pavement.
  82. Astronomers studied A belt of asteroids in the asteroid belt.
  83. The dealership sold A fleet of vehicles during its Memorial Day sale.
  84. The child collected A bundle of sticks to build a fort in the woods.
  85. The birdwatcher spotted A herd of a curlew flying in formation over the marsh.
  86. The woman wore A rope of pearls around her neck to the wedding.
  87. The florist arranged A bouquet of flowers for the bride’s bouquet.
  88. The jockey rode A stud of horses at the racetrack.
  89. The city hauled away A range of mountains of garbage from the landfill.
  90. The beekeeper tended to A hive of bees in the garden.
  91. The gardener trimmed A hedge of bushes to shape it into a topiary.
  92. The writer kept A journal of notes to jot down his ideas.
  93. The musicians performed with A band of musicians at the music festival.
  94. The dentist counted A set of teeth in the patient’s mouth.
  95. The chef cooked A pan of lasagna for the dinner party.
  96. The beekeeper extracted A jar of honey from the beehive.
  97. The packer wrapped A roll of tape around the box to seal it shut.
  98. The soccer player kicked A ball of yarn to practice his footwork.
  99. The family roasted A spit of lamb over the open fire.
  100. The astronomer studied A cluster of stars in the galaxy.

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100 Examples of Collective Nouns

  1. sheaf of grain
  2. Pod of birds
  3. Fleet of cars
  4. catalogue of prices
  5. Mob of deer
  6. Rouleau of money
  7. packet of letters
  8. skein of wild geese in flight
  9. hand of bananas
  10. pair of shoes
  11. bowl of rice
  12. swarm of bees
  13. Roll of coins
  14. patrol of policemen
  15. bundle of sticks
  16. Flight of stairs
  17. An orchard of fruit trees
  18. company of actors
  19. Anthology of poems
  20. pack of cards
  21. party of friends
  22. bunch of keys
  23. Flight of aeroplanes
  24. team of players
  25. Fleet of vehicles
  26. reel of film
  27. troop of scouts
  28. reel of film
  29. sheaf of grain
  30. hedge of bushes
  31. caravan of gypsies
  32. string of pearls
  33. stack of wood
  34. quiver of arrows
  35. stud of horses
  36. heap of rubbish
  37. reel of film
  38. Sloth of bears
  39. Fitting of sails
  40. heap of rubbish
  41. bunch of crocks
  42. set of clubs
  43. shower of rain
  44. cluster of coconuts
  45. Battery of artillery
  46. Serving of spoons
  47. chest of drawers
  48. bowl of rice
  49. Round of drinks
  50. pair of shoes
  51. string of horses
  52. harvest of wheat
  53. regiment of soldiers
  54. chest of drawers
  55. Pack of cards
  56. bunch of keys
  57. team of oxen
  58. Rope of onions
  59. staff of employees
  60. cluster of coconuts
  61. ream of paper
  62. pack of cards
  63. ream of paper
  64. congregation of worshipp
  65. colony of badgers
  66. Anthology of prose
  67. Atlas of maps
  68. packet of letters
  69. An outfit of clothes
  70. class of students
  71. Agenda of tasks
  72. wad of notes
  73. set of clubs
  74. Erst of bees
  75. Fleet of boats
  76. tribe of natives
  77. ream of paper
  78. set of clubs
  79. library of books
  80. choir of singers
  81. wad of notes
  82. string of pearls
  83. posse of policemen
  84. catalogue of prices
  85. Garland of sonnets
  86. range of mountains
  87. swarm of bees
  88. hedge of bushes
  89. book of notes
  90. Chatter of budgerigars
  91. Quiver of arrows
  92. cloud of dust
  93. Belt of asteroids
  94. Fleet of vehicles
  95. bundle of sticks
  96. Herd of curlew
  97. Rope of pearls
  98. bouquet of flowers
  99. stud of horses
  100. Range of mountains


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