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20 Examples of Nouns in Sentences! Nouns are a vital part of any language, as they allow us to name people, places, objects, and ideas. Without nouns, it would be impossible to communicate effectively. In this article, we will explore 20 examples of nouns used in sentences so that you can get a better understanding of how they are used.

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20 Examples of Noun in Sentences

20 Examples of Noun Sentences

  1. I brushed my teeth with a new toothbrush.
  2. I typed on my laptop’s keyboard to finish my report.
  3. I played a game of chess with a wooden board and pieces.
  4. I took a sip from my hot tea.
  5. I rode a rollercoaster at the amusement park.
  6. I hung my clothes in the closet on a hanger rack.
  7. I played basketball with a leather ball.
  8. I put a vase of flowers on the mantel above the fireplace.
  9. I used a metal spoon to stir my soup.
  10. I took a walk in the park and sat on a wooden bench.
  11. I used a plastic straw to drink my soda.
  12. I put on a pair of designer sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.
  13. I went for a swim in the ocean and saw a school of fish.
  14. I took a photo of the sunset with my mobile phone.
  15. I sat in a leather armchair and read a book.
  16. I enjoyed a bowl of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.
  17. I put on a pair of wool socks to keep my feet warm.
  18. I used a metal fork to eat my dinner.
  19. I put my jewelry in a small velvet box to keep it safe.
  20. I rode a horse at the ranch and enjoyed the scenery.

20 Examples of Nouns

  1. teeth
  2. laptop
  3. game
  4. tea
  5. amusement park
  6. hanger rack
  7. basketball
  8. vase
  9. spoon
  10. bench
  11. straw
  12. sunglasses
  13. fish
  14. phone
  15. armchair
  16. ice cream
  17. socks
  18. fork
  19. box
  20. horse

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