20 Examples of Noun in Sentences

20 Examples of Noun in Sentences20 Examples of Noun in Sentences

  1. A beautiful view of the countryside is available.
  2. The soup spilled all over the table as a result of my actions.
  3. This is a particularly beautiful part of the United States.
  4. Barbara Walters conducted an interview with Elton John.
  5. Take a strand of the dog’s hair that nipped you.
  6. You little monkey, put a stop to it!
  7. A house isn’t the same as a home.
  8. You’ll lose your friend if you lend your money.
  9. Martial music is always energizing to listen to.
  10. Put money aside for a rainy day.
  11. John has already established himself as a well-known author.
  12. In the first person, autobiographies are written.
  13. The best teacher is experience.
  14. Being insincere is the most exhausting thing in life.
  15. Her office was flooded with ticket requests.
  16. Catche monkey, softly, softly.
  17. I turned on some relaxing music.
  18. You little monkey, hurry up and get here!
  19. The home of an Englishman is his castle.
  20. Linen that has become dirty should be washed at home.