50 Gender Examples in English (Masculine & Feminine)

50 Gender Examples in English (Masculine & Feminine)

50 gender examples 3 Did you know that there are actually two different types of gender in English? That’s right, masculine and feminine. And today, we’re going to take a look at 50 examples of each. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert on how to use masculine and feminine nouns and pronouns in your own writing. So let’s get started!

Masculine Feminine
Bull Cow
Duke  Duchess
Heir Heiress
Manservant  Maidservant
Priest  Priestess
Traitor Traitress
Boy Girl
Daddy Mummy
Hart Roe
Lion Lioness
Peer Peeress
Sultan Sultana
Author Authoress
Count Countess
Gentleman Lady
Husband Wife
Nephew Niece
Son Daughter

50 gender examples 4

Masculine Feminine
Abbot Abbess
Conductor Conductress
Father Mother
Host Hostess
Monk Nun
Signor Signora
Wizard Witch
Baron Baroness
Czar Czarina
God Goddess
King Queen
Patron  Patroness
Stag  Hind
Bachelor Spinster
Czar Czarina
Giant  Giantess
Husband Wife
Nephew Niece
Songster  Songstress
Bull Calf
Duke Duchess
Hero  Heroine

50 gender examples

Masculine Feminine
Master  Mistress
Prince Princess
Uncle  Aunt
Brother Sister
Drone  Bee
Heir  Heiress
Man  Woman
Policeman Policewoman
Tiger  Tigress
Cock Hen
Emperor  Empress
Hero Heroine
Master Mistress
Prophet  Prophetess
Viscount  Viscountess
Benefactor Benefactress
Dad Mum
Grandfather  Grandmother
Landlord  Landlady
Peacock  Peahen
Steward  Stewardess

50 gender examples 2

Masculine Feminine
Cock Sparrow
Enchanter  Enchantress
Host  Hostess
Milkman  Milkmaid
Shepherd  Shepherdess
Waiter  Waitress
Actor Actress
Count Countess
Gander  Goose
Hunter  Huntress
Murderer Murderess
Sir  Madam
Bridegroom Bride
Drake  Duck
He Goat
Lord  Lady
Poet Poetess
Tempter  Temptress