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For many animal names, particularly domesticated ones, there are specific names for malesfemales, young, and groups. The best-known source of many English has been presented in this post.

The animal name is divided into casts and categories like humans animals have their own masculine and feminine categories. Scientists and researchers have named animals a female male and a young one with a different name like we all know the obvious examples like cow and bull, mare and stallion, or hen let us find out some uncommon examples.

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Animal Names, Male, Female and Young Ones

animal names

Animals (Male)


Young Ones

1.  Giraffe Cow calves
2.  Snake (Nag) Nagina snakelet, neonate, hatchling snake
3.  Squirrels(Boars) Sow pup, kit, kitten
4.  Owl (coco) Owl hen owlet
5.  Monkey Female Monkey Infant
6.  Insect Female insect Nymphs, larvae, pupae
7.  Hippopotas (Bull) Cow Calf
8.  Ass Jenny Foal
9.  Bear Sow Cub
10.Turtles Female Turtle hatchlings
11. KANGAROO (BUCK) Flyer Joeys
12. Cat Queen Kitten
13. Cattle Cow Calf
14. Fish Female Fish juvenile fish
15. Chicken Hen Chick
16. Cattle Cow heifer
17. Deer Doe Fawn
18. Whales cow Calf
19. Dog Bitch Pup
20. DUCK Duck Duckling
21. Otters(Boars)  sows pups or kittens
22. Frog Female frog  Polliwog, tadpole, froglet
23. Elephant Cow Calf
24. Bats  Female Bat  pups
25. Parrots Hen Chick
26. Zebra(stallion) Mare Foal
27. Fox(tod’s or Reynard’s) Vixen Cubs
28.Rhinoceros(Bull) Cow Calf
29. Leopard Leopardess Cub
30.Eagle Female eaglets

Animal Name


Young Ones

31. Fox Vixen Cub
32. Hedgehog(Boars) Sows hoglets
33. Goose Goose Gosling
34. Dolphin(Bull) Cows calves
35. Horse Mare Foal
36. Lion Lioness Cub
37. Rabbit Doe Bunny
38. Crocodile Cow Hatchling
39. Sheep Ewe Lamb
40. BADGER(BOAR) Sow Cub
41. Swan Pen Cygnet
42. Raccoon(Boar) Sow Kits
43. Swine Sow Piglet
44. Duck(Drake) Duck duckling
45. Tiger Tigress Cub
46. Cheeta Female Cub
47. Whale Cow Calf
48. Wolf Bitch Pup
49. Gorilla Female  infant
50. HARE Jill leveret
51. Crabs(Jimmy) sooks zoea
52. Reindeer Female calves
53. Koala(Buck) Doe  joeys
54. Chipmunk Does Kits
55. Peacock peahen Peachicks
56. Monkey Female Infants
57. Mole(Boars) Sows  pups
58. Wombat Jill Joey
59. Sheep  ewe Lamb
60. Rat Does Kitten

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Animals Name (Male Female and Young)

animal name

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