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Domestic Animals Pictures with Animal Names

There is a difference between wild and domestic animals. Here the difference between them is clearly mentioned and also their pics so that children can learn. Also, animal names are completely described with their images that are easy to memorise for children.

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Wild Animals Names

Wild Animals Name

1 Antelope 2 Walrus
3 Bat 4 Zebra
5 Bear 6 Leopard
7 Chipmunk 8 Elk
9 Deer 10 Red panda
11 Elephant 12 Panda
13 Giraffe 14 Bald eagle
15 Gorilla 16 Otter
17 Hippopotamus 18 Mole
19 Lizard 20 Coyote
21 Monkey 22 Chimpanzee
23 Otter 24 Koala
25 Owl 26 Arctic wolf
27 Porcupine 28 Possum
29 Raccoon 30 Hedgehog
31 Rat 32 Wombat
33 Squirrel 34 Hare
35 Wolf 36 Badger
37 Wolf 38 Camel
39 Woodpecker 40 Lion

Domestic Animals Names / Pet animals name

Domestic Animal names

1 Bee 2 Goat
3 Cow 4 Horse
5 Cat 6 Pig
7 Chicken 8 Rabbit
9 Donkey 10 Ship
11 Duck 12 Parrot
13 Dog 14 Dove
15 Deer 16 Turkey

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What are the 10 most popular animals?

The 10 most popular animals are;

  • lion
  • tiger
  • cat
  • donkey
  • rabbit
  • deer
  • horse
  • dog
  • cow
  • zebra
  • camel

What are cool animal names?

The cool animal names are;

  • Pengolin
  • deer
  • rabbit
  • cow

What are the 4 types of animals?

The 4 types of animals are;

  • Wild animals
  • Domestic animals
  • Pet animals

What’s the friendliest animal in the world?

The friendliest animal in the world is Capybara.

What is the most favorite pet?

The most favourite pet is a dog. It is often said that the dog is the most faithful also. Normally people like to have dog as a pet due to its faithfulness.

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