Linking Verbs: 100 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

100 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences! Grammar is an important part of writing and speaking effectively. One key component of proper grammar is linking verbs. Linking verbs are verbs that connect the subject of a sentence with a word or phrase that provides more information about the subject.

This article will explore 100 examples of sentences using linking verbs, allowing readers to understand how these verbs work in different contexts. By understanding the different ways in which these verbs can be used, readers can apply this knowledge to their writing and speaking abilities.

Definition of Linking Verbs

Linking verbs are verbs that serve as a connection or link between the subject of a sentence and a noun, pronoun, or adjective that renames or describes the subject. These verbs do not show an action but rather a state of being, feeling or existing.

Examples of linking verbs include “be,” “seem,” “appear,” “become,” “feel,” “look,” “smell,” “sound,” “taste,” “remain,” and “stay.” In a sentence, the linking verb usually appears before the predicate nominative or predicate adjective.

List of Linking Verbs

Not every verb is a linking verb. Linking verbs are specific types of verbs that connect the subject of a sentence with a noun or adjective that describes or renames it. Here are some examples of linking verbs:

  1. to be (am, is, are, was, were, been, being)
  2. to become
  3. to seem
  4. to appear
  5. to feel
  6. to look
  7. to taste
  8. to smell
  9. to sound

Note that some of these verbs can also be used as action verbs in certain contexts. For example, “look” can be a linking verb (“She looks happy”) or an action verb (“She is looking at the sunset”). The context and meaning of the sentence will determine whether a verb is a linking verb or an action verb.

Linking Verbs Vs Action Verbs! What’s the Difference?

Linking verbs and action verbs are both types of verbs, but they function differently in a sentence.

A linking verb connects the subject of a sentence to a noun or adjective that describes or renames it. The most common linking verb is “to be” (am, is, are, was, were, been, being), but other verbs like “become,” “seem,” “appear,” “feel,” “look,” “taste,” “smell,” and “sound” can also be used as linking verbs.

For example, in the sentence “She is happy,” “is” is a linking verb that connects the subject “she” to the adjective “happy.” The linking verb does not show any action, but it links the subject to a description or state.

An action verb, on the other hand, shows an action performed by the subject. It can be a physical action like “run,” “eat,” “dance,” or “write,” or a mental action like “think,” “believe,” or “remember.”

For example, in the sentence “She runs every morning,” “runs” is an action verb that shows the physical action performed by the subject “she.”

In summary, linking verbs connect the subject of a sentence to a description or state, while action verbs show an action performed by the subject.

100 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

100 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

  1. The cake smells delicious.
  2. She appears confident in her presentation.
  3. The weather has become colder since yesterday.
  4. The flowers are blooming beautifully this spring.
  5. The water tastes refreshing after a long run.
  6. The music sounds too loud in the living room.
  7. The fabric feels soft against my skin.
  8. The room seems smaller when the curtains are closed.
  9. The sunset was breathtaking on the beach.
  10. The soup is getting cold on the table.
  11. The concert remained crowded throughout the night.
  12. My dog has grown quite large since we got him.
  13. The movie turned out to be a hit with critics.
  14. The cat stays quiet when it’s hunting.
  15. The book becomes more interesting as you read.
  16. The ice cream looks tempting in the display case.
  17. The store was open late last night.
  18. The plants seem healthier after being watered.
  19. The restaurant turned into a dance club in the evening.
  20. The moon has been shining brightly all night.
  21. The wine smells fruity and complex.
  22. The students remain focused during the lecture.
  23. The car has become dirty after driving on muddy roads.
  24. The painting looks stunning in the gallery.
  25. The coffee tastes bitter without any sugar.
  26. The child has grown up quickly.
  27. The joke sounded funnier when you told it.
  28. The forest seems enchanted during twilight.
  29. The news has been depressing lately.
  30. The party feels lively with all the guests.
  31. The ice is slippery on the sidewalk.
  32. The weather stayed warm throughout the vacation.
  33. The dessert looks scrumptious on the menu.
  34. The cat has been acting strange recently.
  35. The lake appears serene in the morning.
  36. The house seems haunted at night.
  37. The fire grew hotter as the evening progressed.
  38. The plants look parched in the summer heat.
  39. The solution turned out to be simpler than expected.
  40. The computer remains idle when not in use.
  41. The leaves have become vibrant with autumn colors.
  42. The movie seems suspenseful from the trailer.
  43. The wind feels chilly today.
  44. The meeting was productive and efficient.
  45. The perfume smells sweet and floral.
  46. The room appears tidy after cleaning.
  47. The race became intense in the final moments.
  48. The audience remained captivated by the performance.
  49. The tree looks majestic in the sunlight.
  50. The soup tastes spicy and flavorful.
  51. The shadows grow longer as the day ends.
  52. The sky has turned a beautiful shade of pink.
  53. The cake seems moist and rich.
  54. The baby stays calm when swaddled.
  55. The tea tastes soothing with honey.
  56. The sculpture looks intricate and detailed.
  1. The novel becomes more captivating with each chapter.
  2. The ice cream melts quickly in the sun.
  3. The clouds seem to be moving fast today.
  4. The sun has been shining brightly all day.
  5. The coffee smells strong and invigorating.
  6. The blanket feels cozy and warm.
  7. The garden appears well-maintained and colorful.
  8. The phone has been ringing nonstop all morning.
  9. The conversation grew more interesting as time passed.
  10. The room is dimly lit for the movie.
  11. The student became more confident after practicing.
  12. The grass looks greener after the rain.
  13. The pizza tastes cheesy and delicious.
  14. The project remains unfinished despite our efforts.
  15. The car seems faster than before.
  16. The flowers are wilting in the heat.
  17. The music sounds soothing and relaxing.
  18. The building has become more impressive since its renovation.
  19. The cat stays close to its owner.
  20. The mountain looks majestic in the distance.
  21. The painting appeared more vibrant in natural light.
  22. The weather has been unpredictable this week.
  23. The dog was excited to see its owner.
  24. The food smells appetizing from the kitchen.
  25. The ocean seems calm and peaceful today.
  26. The cake tastes sweet and satisfying.
  27. The party has grown more lively as more guests arrive.
  28. The story becomes more intriguing with each twist.
  29. The forest remains tranquil and mysterious.
  30. The river flows gently through the valley.
  31. The movie was captivating from beginning to end.
  32. The clouds appear fluffy and white.
  33. The traffic has been congested all day.
  34. The car feels smooth and powerful on the highway.
  35. The athlete has become more agile after training.
  36. The plant looks healthier since it was moved to the window.
  37. The baby has been sleeping peacefully all night.
  38. The market stays bustling with activity.
  39. The view is breathtaking from the mountaintop.
  40. The painting has turned more valuable after the artist’s death.
  41. The book remains a classic in literature.
  42. The soup seems too salty to eat.
  43. The dress looks elegant on the model.
  44. The situation has grown more complicated over time.


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