20 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

20 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences! Linking verbs are one of the most important elements of English grammar, allowing us to express relationships between different parts of a sentence. They can also be used to provide a more vivid description of things, and they can help link two ideas together. Understanding how and when to use linking verbs is an essential part of mastering English grammar. In this article, we’ll provide 20 examples of linking verbs in sentences that you can use as guides for your writing.

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20 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences 1

20 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

  1. The sky has turned a brilliant shade of red at sunset.
  2. The chocolate tastes smooth and rich on the tongue.
  3. The city skyline appears magical at night.
  4. The conversation remained engaging throughout the evening.
  5. The autumn leaves look stunning in their vibrant colors.
  6. The athlete has become more disciplined with training.
  7. The dessert smells heavenly with a hint of cinnamon.
  8. The letter was heartfelt and emotional.
  9. The pond seems peaceful as the ducks glide across it.
  10. The baby has been growing rapidly in recent months.
  11. The sculpture grows more impressive as you study its details.
  12. The forest appears dense and full of life.
  13. The experiment was successful after several tries.
  14. The music sounds haunting and mesmerizing.
  15. The weather has been fluctuating this season.
  16. The book remains a bestseller after several months.
  17. The party became more lively as the music played.
  18. The room feels cozy with the soft lighting.
  19. The playground is bustling with happy children.
  20. The landscape looks picturesque with rolling hills and meadows.


Is Has A Linking Verb?

Yes, “has” can be a linking verb when used as a helping verb with another linking verb, such as in “has been” or “has become.”

Is Felt A Linking Verb?

Yes, “felt” is a linking verb when used to describe a sensory experience or a state of being, as in “The blanket felt soft.”

Is Can A Linking Verb?

No, “can” is not a linking verb. It is a modal auxiliary verb used to express ability, possibility, or permission, as in “She can play the piano.”

20 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

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