50 Sentences in Past Indefinite Tense (Past Simple Tense Examples)

Learning English grammar can be a daunting task, but mastering the basics of the past indefinite tense (also known as the past simple tense) is essential in order to communicate clearly and effectively. This article provides 50 sentences using the past indefinite tense that can help you gain a better understanding of its usage.

50 sentences in past indefinite tense

50 Sentences in Past Indefinite Tense

  1. I checked it before I left the house.
  2. He always sat in the front row.
  3. She studied for her exam.
  4. We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant for our anniversary last year.
  5. She cut her hair last month.
  6. I missed my bus again today.
  7. She never got up early in the morning.
  8. She visited her grandmother every summer when she was a child.
  9. I worked at that company before, but now I work at another company.
  10. We met before.
  11. You ate lunch an hour ago, right?
  12. They danced like crazy.
  13. They slept until noon yesterday.
  14. He bought a car last week.
  15. They went on a road trip across the country and saw many interesting sights.
  16. We forgot to lock the door.
  17. The train stopped at the station.
  18. They cheered for the national team.
  19. The students prepared for the exam.
  20. She ran a marathon last month.
  21. My grandfather walked two miles before breakfast.
  22. The dog ran after me.
  23. I studied French in college and became fluent after several years of practice.
  24. We didn’t go to school because of the heavy rain.
  25. He broke his arm while playing basketball and had to wear a cast for several weeks.
  26. She did not go to school last week.
  27. They used to live in New York for a short time.
  28. I’ve read that book before, but I haven’t read it in several years.
  29. They were very polite yesterday.
  30. I met my friend three days ago, but I ran into him again today at Starbucks.
  31. She listened to music all day yesterday.
  32. She went to the market.
  33. The concert started at 8 pm and ended at 11 pm.
  34. We went to school by bus every day last year.
  35. We went to the movies yesterday with friends after dinner.
  36. The plane took off late due to fog.
  37. She came from Mexico City.
  38. She cried every day last week.
  39. I walked to the store yesterday and bought some groceries for dinner.
  40. She called me last night to catch up on old times.
  41. He played football with his friends last weekend.
  42. He went to bed at ten last night.
  43. He took two days off last week because he was sick.
  44. It rained yesterday.
  45. She came up slowly behind me.
  46. The children played in the park all morning and afternoon yesterday.
  47. I took a walk this morning.
  48. We were hungry by then.
  49. I turned off the light before I went out.
  50. She listened to the old man’s story.

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