15 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

15 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences15 Examples of Linking Verbs in Sentences

  1. Children should be observed rather than heard.
  2. Water and fire are merciless.
  3. Warmth is not provided by a borrowed cloak.
  4. Every day, new scientific discoveries are made.
  5. A kite will never make an excellent hawk.
  6. You will reap what you sow.
  7. As a child, he had been severely abused.
  8. He who walks with wise men ought to be wise as well.
  9. The mice will play when the cat is away.
  10. In calms, vows made in storms are forgotten.
  11. The sooner dangers are foreseen, the sooner they can be avoided.
  12. As long as a man lives, he will die.
  13. Children are certain comforts, but they are also certain cares.
  14. An honest man may be hidden by a ragged coat.
  15. Beggars would ride if wishes were horses.