100 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

100 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences100 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The book’s characters are vividly depicted.
  2. He has a bright future ahead of him.
  3. His letter raises a number of puzzling issues.
  4. Every brave man is a man who keeps his promises.
  5. Julie now appears to be relaxing a little.
  6. Paintings that are gay and relaxing appeal to me.
  7. Her ankle stockings were wrinkled.
  8. It was a very bright day.
  9. The instructions were a little complicated to follow.
  10. Others were as darkly blue as mountains in the distance.
  11. Try soaking in a hot tub with some relaxing bath oil.
  12. I recall our first meeting vividly.
  13. His grin wrinkled his face.
  14. The bright lights were hurting her eyes.
  15. His most recent works are perhaps the most puzzling.
  16. Consider the bright side of things.
  17. Animal husbandry on the grassland is rapidly evolving.
  18. Brave acts are never accompanied by a trumpet.
  19. It all appears to be quite complicated.
  20. You don’t have to feel guilty for relaxing.
  21. The broken pipe let loose a torrent of water.
  22. Make an effort to make each day joyful and meaningful.
  23. He began solemnly, ‘I have some distressing news for you.’
  24. His brow wrinkled in concentration.
  25. The brave and courageous are favored by fortune.
  26. We have three adorable kids.
  27. I’m planning on relaxing it easy this weekend.
  28. Mary and John’s engagement has broken to an end.
  29. These germs multiply rapidly in warm weather.
  30. The broken pipe let loose a torrent of water.
  31. Conflicts between politics and art are vividly depicted in the film.
  32. Even if a brave man falls, he will not surrender.
  33. All week, Ted Robinson has been worried.
  34. A bright young man picks things up quickly.
  35. She vividly narrated the entire story.
  36. In the hearth, a bright fire was burning.
  37. The story was extremely distressing to me.
  38. She was witness to some distressing events.
  39. In the bright sunlight, the water glistened.
  40. Against the bright light, I closed my eyes.
  41. Your gown is absolutely adorable.
  42. The water was wrinkled by the wind, which created waves.
  43. Isn’t this adorable baby outfit?
  44. The cost of housing has risen rapidly.
  45. In the sun, the puddle rapidly evaporated.
  46. He rapidly rigged up all of the electric wires.
  47. Frequently, a nurse stood alone, in adorable vigil.
  48. Alex’s brow wrinkled in response to the odour.
  49. He walked away from the accident without any broken bones.
  50. It was “a most unhappy and distressing case,” he said.
  51. Carter’s brow wrinkled in concentration.
  52. The issues became irrationally complicated.
  53. In the gentle breeze, palm trees swayed lazily.
  54. A complicated buttoned flap was used to close the jacket.
  55. All who witnessed the distressing scene were appalled.
  56. The peasant’s wrinkled face is palmed.
  57. His mind was brimming with bright ideas.
  58. For weeks, she’s been perplexed by his strange letter.
  59. He pulled off a spectacular acrobatic feat.
  60. The two rapidly turned into mortal enemies.
  61. The structure of a flower is quite complicated.
  62. The city is served by a complicated sewer system.
  63. After twenty minutes, I became worried.
  64. I’m worried about my wife’s safety.
  65. There’s nothing complicated about it.
  66. Even happiness is worried as we walked slowly.
  67. He hinted darkly that something wasn’t right.
  68. The number of students is rapidly increasing.
  69. He yawned and stretched lazily.
  70. Campbell’s broken leg will almost certainly necessitate surgery.
  71. Ari sat back and watched it grow louder and louder.
  72. She gave me a worried expression.
  73. Her eyes were darkly burning.
  74. Frannie frowned at her daughter and wrinkled her nose.
  75. His brow wrinkled in disgust.
  76. On a shard of broken glass, I cut myself.
  77. The key that is used is always bright.
  78. Young, bright, and energetic, with a strong desire to advance in their careers.
  79. This is a plot-complicated novel.
  80. I sat quietly for a few hours, relaxing.
  81. They did some incredible acrobatic feats.
  82. What an adorable little one!
  83. She was cut by shards of broken glass.
  84. It’s distressing to see an animal in pain.
  85. The novel by Arjelo vividly depicts 15th-century Spain.
  86. English spelling can be puzzling at times.
  87. Oh, what an adorable little baby!
  88. The thief had broken through a window.
  89. Elaine turned and walked away, waving her hand lazily.
  90. In the sudden bright sunlight, Anna squinted.
  91. She drewled lazily.’
  92. She was the offspring of a broken marriage.
  93. His poetry vividly depicts working-class life in vivid detail.
  94. The calves were adorably adorable.
  95. On the foggy moor, his figure could be seen darkly.
  96. Junior ranks were becoming rapidly dissatisfied.
  97. He spoke darkly of impending disaster.
  98. She has a two-year-old daughter who is absolutely adorable.
  99. He was brave in the face of danger.
  100. Josephine was bright, vivacious, and upbeat.
  101. The boat had broken itself from the moorings.
  102. For children, Christmas is a joyful occasion.
  103. This is a very puzzling situation.
  104. The brave man puts his life on the line, but not his morals.
  105. A wedding is a joyful occasion for the celebration of love.
  106. The young lady is adorable.
  107. His face is broken in pimples now.
  108. Best wishes for a joyful life together at home.
  109. Oh no, I’ve broken the lamp.
  110. He shifted his weight and stretched lazily.
  111. She didn’t seem surprised or worried.
  112. A brave retreat is a brave deed.