50 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

50 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences50 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. Fortune favors the brave and punishes the coward.
  2. Inverted flight is an acrobatic plane manoeuvre.
  3. Her enthusiasm for the entire concept was rapidly dwindling.
  4. Helen started murmuring darkly about hospitals.
  5. It is more relaxing to travel by train than by car.
  6. It’s her room, and it’s bright and tidy.
  7. A wrinkled tablecloth was smoothed down by her.
  8. A child’s broken bones come together easily.
  9. Christmas is such a joyful occasion.
  10. His brave words are just a ruse.
  11. The police were able to gain entry through a broken window.
  12. For the children, they put on an acrobatic show.
  13. We Chinese are brave and hardworking people.
  14. He’s broken the hearts of a lot of women.
  15. Because of you, my sky is bright.
  16. This is a complicated problem for me to solve.
  17. Make an effort not to be concerned.
  18. You are adorable, my darling.
  19. When the enemy flies, all are brave.
  20. The flooded river was rapidly receding.
  21. Don’t get any closer, she said darkly.
  22. It’s an acrobatic feat to dance on a rope.
  23. Against her pale skin, Joanne’s freckles stood out darkly.
  24. Her tears glistened in her eyes.
  25. He is adorable because of his dedication to science.
  26. I vividly recall our first meeting.
  27. From the cabin, a thin curl of smoke arose lazily.
  28. Storm clouds gathered in the distance.
  29. What have you been up to? I’ve been worried sick for a long time.
  30. The ship saunters lazily over the crags.
  31. During the postwar boom, living standards rose rapidly.
  32. Inverted flight is a plane acrobatic man oeuvre.
  33. Her skin had wrinkled as she grew older.
  34. Men are enticed to brave danger by rewards.
  35. Kara’s phone calls became rapidly frequent.
  36. The distressing scene infuriated everyone who witnessed it.
  37. Consider taking up a relaxing hobby like knitting.
  38. Prices are likely to rise rapidly.
  39. She rolled her eyes and wrinkled her nose in disgust.
  40. His skin was wrinkled and he looked old.
  41. Amy’s brow wrinkled in disapproval.
  42. You appear worried. What exactly is the problem?
  43. We spent our days at the beach doing nothing but relaxing.
  44. Fortune is on the side of the brave.
  45. The disease rapidly spread across Europe.
  46. She stretched lazily and yawned.
  47. It was an extremely distressing documentary.
  48. What an adorable child!
  49. A wrinkled face and a wrinkled purse.
  50. Sam was a dark-haired young man with a darkly attractive face.