20 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences

Compound words are formed when two or more words are joined together to create a single word with an entirely new meaning.

They can be found in many different languages and are often used in daily conversation.

Knowing how to use compound words in sentences is important for both native and non-native English speakers, as they can help add clarity and precision to your writing.

This article provides 20 examples of compound words used in sentences, making it easier for readers to understand their definitions and contexts.

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20 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences

  1. They built a strong friendship over the years, based on trust and mutual respect.
  2. The divers explored the ship’s bottom and found some interesting artifacts.
  3. The massive superstructure of the building towered over the city skyline.
  4. She waited patiently at the crosswalk until the light turned green.
  5. He accidentally fell overboard during a storm, but was rescued by the crew.
  6. The restaurant served a delicious pan-fried whitefish with a side of vegetables.
  7. She wiped the counter with a damp dishcloth to clean up the spilled milk.
  8. He used his passkey to unlock the door and enter the building.
  9. They stood in awe of the breathtaking waterfall, mesmerized by its beauty.
  10. The ballroom was filled with elegant dancers, swaying to the music.
  11. The explosion created a massive fireball that lit up the night sky.
  12. He loved the variety of flavors in a bag of jellybeans.
  13. The supersonic jet broke the sound barrier and created a loud boom.
  14. He had to uproot the entire tree to get rid of the stubborn roots.
  15. The deadline for the project was quickly approaching, and they had to work fast.
  16. She couldn’t make it to the event but asked for a raincheck to attend another time.
  17. The storm created a massive waterspout, lifting water high into the air.
  18. She beamed with pride as she held her new grandchild for the first time.
  19. He had to underact his emotions during the audition, portraying a subtle character.
  20. The footprints in the sand led them to the secluded beach.

20 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences 1

20 Examples of Compound Words in Sentences

One Word Compound Words Examples

  1. I read the newspaper every morning with coffee.
  2. He plays basketball every weekend at the local court.
  3. I often daydream about traveling the world someday.
  4. Don’t forget to buy toothpaste from the grocery store.
  5. The brave firefighter saved a cat from the tree.
  6. The majestic waterfall is a popular tourist attraction.
  7. I can’t work out without my headphones on.
  8. The kids built a tall snowman last winter.
  9. My flight departs from the nearby airport at 6 PM.
  10. We usually have eggs and toast for breakfast.
  11. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months.
  12. The sunflower in the garden is standing tall.
  13. Don’t forget your sunglasses on this sunny day.
  14. The sidewalk was busy with people rushing to work.
  15. She wore her raincoat during the heavy downpour.
  16. The moonlight shone beautifully over the lake.
  17. The bookshelf is filled with mystery novels.
  18. A beautiful rainbow appeared after the rain stopped.
  19. The butterfly fluttered around the flowers in the garden.
  20. I water my houseplant every other day.

Two Word Compound Words Examples

  1. She is starting high school next fall.
  2. I need to visit the post office for stamps.
  3. The baby sitter arrives at five o’clock.
  4. Pay with your credit card or cash?
  5. I booked an airplane ticket to Paris.
  6. The police officer helped find my dog.
  7. The swimming pool opens at 8 AM.
  8. The book store has a sale today.
  9. The movie theater is just five blocks away.
  10. My computer mouse stopped working suddenly.
  11. He enjoys reading science fiction novels.
  12. The roller coaster ride was exhilarating.
  13. The parking lot was completely full.
  14. Where did you place my cell phone?
  15. We live in different time zones.
  16. The fish tank needs cleaning today.
  17. Are these tennis shoes comfortable for running?
  18. Let’s meet at the coffee shop at 10 AM.
  19. He dreams of becoming a rock star.
  20. The air conditioner is set to 74 degrees.

20 Examples of Compound Words

1. Friend + Ship = Friendship
2. Ship + Bottom = Ship bottom
3. Super + Structure = Superstructure
4. Cross + Walk = Crosswalk
5. Over + Board = Overboard
6. White + Fish = Whitefish
7. Dish + cloth = Dishcloth
8. Pass + Key = Passkey
9. Water + Fall = Waterfall
10. Ball + Room = Ballroom
11. Fire + Ball = Fireball
12. Jelly + Bean = Jellybean
13. Super + Sonic = Supersonic
14. Up + Root = Uproot
15. Dead + Line = Deadline
16. Rain + Check = Raincheck
17. Water + Spout = Waterspout
18. Grand + Child = Grandchild
19. Tea + Cup = Underact
20. Foot + Prints = Footprints

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