20 Examples of Prepositional Phrase

20 Examples of Prepositional Phrase

20 examples of prepositional phrases

What Are Prepositional Phrases?

When you begin learning about grammar, one of the first things you discover is that English has tons of little words called prepositions. They help describe something (or someone) in relation to other things. You can think of these prepositions like signposts on a road map. They tell where something or someone is located, pointing along the way to a certain destination.

The following sentence would all be followed by the preposition in bold: I walked into the room. [In this sentence, “into” is the preposition that tells where someone’s location is.]

35 Examples of Prepositional Phrase

  1. The store that sells antique furniture is down this street and to the left.
  2. We went inside to get out of the rain.
  3. I would like a seat next to the window, please.
  4. I’m going to sit down on this chair next to you.
  5. Come inside so we can discuss this further.
  6. They must walk through the metal detector before boarding the
  7. We took a taxi home after eating dinner at our friends’ house.
  8. I went back inside my house to get some money.
  9. The girl ran across the street without looking both ways first.
  10. Let’s go to the mall after school tomorrow.
  11. I went upstairs to get my brother for
  12. It was fun hanging out with you yesterday!
  13. Let’s split this bill evenly between all five of us.
  14. Our classroom is on the first floor.
  15. I looked everywhere for my book, but it was nowhere to be found.
  16. We will meet for dinner at 5 p.m. tomorrow.
  17. Let’s go outside to play with our friends.
  18. The black Labrador is running beside his owner.
  19. Look under the bed for your shoes.
  20. Cat is under the table and rat is in the bill.