15 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

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15 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences! Descriptive adjectives are a powerful tool to help us describe people, places, and things in vivid detail. They can provide more information than nouns alone and add life to our writing. In this article, we will explore fifteen examples of descriptive adjectives in sentences so that you can see how they work in action.

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15 Examples of Descriptive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. He used to be a stunt driver for acrobatic shows.
  2. What exactly are you worried about?
  3. What an adorable hat she’s wearing!
  4. Cooking is a very relaxing activity for me.
  5. Nationalism was rapidly transforming into a potentially dangerous force.
  6. The ride home was made even more relaxing by a tailwind.
  7. Liz returned to the kitchen and stretched lazily.
  8. Is it possible for you to reassemble the broken vase?
  9. She trills, “How adorable!”
  10. Her brow wrinkled as she pondered.
  11. The speaker vividly depicted the plight of the poor.
  12. The house was rapidly engulfed in flames.
  13. Embarrassed, she blushed bright pink.
  14. Only the brave are deserving of the fair.
  15. She rubbed her lips together and kissed his wrinkled brow.

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