Attributive Adjectives: 100 Examples of Attributive Adjectives

100 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences! Attributive adjectives are an important part of the English language, and they can be used to add more detail and description to sentences. They allow us to express more clearly and accurately the feelings, emotions, and ideas that we want to communicate.

To help you understand better how attributive adjectives are used in different contexts, this article provides 100 examples of attributive adjectives in sentences. These examples will illustrate clearly the various functions that attributive adjectives play in a sentence.

An attributive adjective is a type of adjective that is placed before a noun to modify or describe it. This is in contrast to a predicative adjective, which is placed after a linking verb to describe the subject of the sentence.

For example, in the phrase “the red car,” “red” is an attributive adjective because it is modifying the noun “car.” In the sentence “The car is red,” “red” is a predicative adjective because it is describing the subject “car” after the linking verb “is.”

Attributive adjectives can serve different functions in a sentence, such as indicating the size, color, shape, or other qualities of the noun they modify. They can also be used to compare or contrast different nouns or to provide additional information about a noun.

Order of Attributive Adjectives

When using multiple attributive adjectives to describe a noun, there is a typical order that is followed to make the sentence sound more natural and fluent. This order is often referred to as the “order of adjectives.” The general order of adjectives is as follows:

  1. Determiners: articles (a, an, the), demonstratives (this, that, these, those), possessives (my, your, his, her, their), and quantifiers (some, any, many, few, several)
  2. Observation: adjectives that describe the general appearance, size, or shape of the noun (e.g. beautiful, tall, round, square, etc.)
  3. Age: adjectives that describe how old the noun is (e.g. old, new, young, etc.)
  4. Color: adjectives that describe the color of the noun (e.g. blue, green, red, etc.)
  5. Origin: adjectives that describe where the noun comes from (e.g. American, French, etc.)
  6. Material: adjectives that describe what the noun is made of (e.g. wooden, plastic, metal, etc.)
  7. Qualifier: adjectives that provide additional information or qualities about the noun (e.g. spicy, delicious, comfortable, etc.)

It’s important to note that not all sentences will include all seven types of adjectives, and some adjectives may not fit neatly into one category. Additionally, some adjectives may be omitted or reordered depending on the intended meaning or emphasis of the sentence. However, following this general order of adjectives can help make a sentence sound more natural and easy to understand.

Here are some examples of adjectives following the general order:

  1. A beautiful old French painting (opinion – age – origin)
  2. Three small square wooden boxes (quantity – size – shape – material)
  3. A tall thin red-haired woman (size – shape – color)
  4. An expensive Italian leather handbag (opinion – origin – material)
  5. Six large round glass bowls (quantity – size – shape – material)
  6. A big black metal bookshelf (size – color – material)
  7. A small white ceramic vase (size – color – material)
  8. A young curious golden retriever (age – opinion – color)
  9. A long narrow winding road (size – shape – qualifier)
  10. A delicious spicy Indian curry (opinion – qualifier – origin)

100 Examples of Attributive Adjectives

100 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The blue sky was clear and sunny.
  2. The tall building towered over the city.
  3. The small dog barked at the mailman.
  4. The furry cat purred contentedly on the couch.
  5. The hard rock was difficult to break.
  6. The round pizza was delicious and cheesy.
  7. The new car smelled like fresh leather.
  8. The cold ice cream melted quickly in the sun.
  9. The old house had a lot of character.
  10. The yellow banana was ripe and sweet.
  11. The angry customer demanded a refund.
  12. The beautiful flower bloomed in the garden.
  13. The dark night was quiet and peaceful.
  14. The soft pillow was comfortable to sleep on.
  15. The juicy apple was crunchy and delicious.
  16. The happy child played in the park.
  17. The hot coffee warmed me up on a chilly morning.
  18. The shiny diamond sparkled in the light.
  19. The long road stretched out before us.
  20. The funny joke made everyone laugh.
  21. The clean room smelled like fresh laundry.
  22. The bright sun shone down on the beach.
  23. The fresh bread smelled delicious.
  24. The loud music blared from the speakers.
  25. The hardworking student earned top grades.
  26. The bumpy road made for a rough ride.
  27. The spicy food was too hot for me to handle.
  28. The peaceful lake was calm and serene.
  29. The big elephant trumpeted loudly.
  30. The brave firefighter rescued the cat from the tree.
  31. The grumpy old man yelled at the kids playing outside.
  32. The wet rain soaked through my clothes.
  33. The sticky candy stuck to my teeth.
  34. The fluffy clouds floated across the sky.
  35. The fast car sped down the highway.
  36. The empty box was discarded in the trash.
  37. The sweet honey tasted delicious on toast.
  38. The sharp knife sliced through the meat easily.
  39. The sour lemon made my mouth pucker.
  40. The expensive watch gleamed on his wrist.
  41. The hard chair was uncomfortable to sit on.
  42. The fun party lasted all night.
  43. The bitter coffee was too strong for my taste.
  44. The quick rabbit darted into the bushes.
  45. The smooth surface of the table was easy to clean.
  46. The strong wind blew leaves across the yard.
  47. The cold snow made the roads slippery.
  48. The short person stood next to the tall basketball player.
  49. The heavy backpack weighed me down.
  50. The green grass was soft under my feet.
  51. The brightly colored painting hung on the wall.
  52. The crispy bacon smelled delicious.
  53. The fast-paced music made me want to dance.
  54. The fancy restaurant served gourmet food.
  55. The hot soup warmed me up on a cold day.
  56. The innocent child smiled up at me.
  57. The lovely couple walked hand in hand.
  58. The messy room needed to be cleaned.
  59. The noisy crowd cheered at the game.
  60. The pretty flowers brightened up the room.
  61. The quiet library was a great place to study.
  62. The red apple was crisp and juicy.
  63. The sharp-tongued critic was unimpressed with the movie.
  64. The slow turtle crawled across the path.
  65. The sweet-smelling flowers attracted bees.
  66. The thin ice cracked under our feet.
  67. The wavy hair cascaded down her back.
  68. The wide river flowed peacefully downstream.
  69. The yummy cake was decorated with frosting.
  70. The zesty salsa had a spicy kick.
  71. The ancient ruins were fascinating to explore.
  72. The brightly lit city dazzled at night.
  73. The cheerful baby smiled and giggled.
  74. The daring stunt performer wowed the crowd.
  75. The elegant dress was perfect for the occasion.
  76. The fluffy snowflakes fell softly to the ground.
  77. The giant redwood trees towered overhead.
  78. The hollow log made a great hiding spot.
  79. The icy wind chilled me to the bone.
  80. The jolly Santa Claus laughed heartily.
  81. The knotty wood was difficult to work with.
  82. The lively music got everyone dancing.
  83. The muddy boots left tracks on the floor.
  84. The nocturnal animals came out at night.
  85. The ornate chandelier sparkled in the light.
  86. The prickly cactus was surrounded by sand.
  87. The quaint village was charming and picturesque.
  88. The rugged terrain made hiking difficult.
  89. The sleek sports car hugged the road.
  90. The tasty pizza was topped with mushrooms.
  91. The unpredictable weather kept us on our toes.
  92. The vibrant colors of the flowers were stunning.
  93. The wavy ocean waves crashed against the shore.
  94. The exquisite jewelry was crafted with care.
  95. The youthful energy of the students was contagious.
  96. The zealous fans cheered for their team.
  97. The adorable puppy wagged its tail excitedly.
  98. The bumpy ride on the rollercoaster was thrilling.
  99. The charming old bookstore smelled like books.
  100. The dazzling fireworks lit up the sky.


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