100 Examples of Attributive adjectives in Sentences

100 Examples of Attributive adjectives in Sentences100 Example of Attributive adjectives in Sentences

  1. The estate was made over to the eldest son.
  2. My elder daughter is abroad.
  3. They had an awesome task ahead.
  4. We can supply the goods from our main store.
  5. Workers weave silk thread into beautiful shirts.
  6. They clapped for his elder brother in jail.
  7. We dangled pretty lights around the hall.
  8. Hey, dudes! I just bought this awesome new CD!
  9. The devil knows many things because he is old.
  10. The south side of town is pretty run-down.
  11. Medicines are not meant to live on.
  12. His eldest boy is at university.
  13. David was the eldest of three boys.
  14. Her beauty faded as she got older.
  15. Mona wrote with a beautiful simplicity of style.
  16. The title descends through the eldest sons.
  17. Patricia looked beautiful and elegant as always.
  18. Their last concert was really awesome.
  19. Then they do this awesome calypso reggae stuff.
  20. The older boys at school used to tease him.
  21. Whoever learns when he is young does not forget when he is old.
  22. An old physician and a young lawyer.
  23. The house was handed down to my elder brother.
  24. Man does not live solely on bread.
  25. The mere thought of flying fills me with panic.
  26. She bears a striking resemblance to her older sister.
  27. I had imagined her to be older than that.
  28. The male has beautiful tail feathers.
  29. The estate falls to the eldest son.
  30. Their weariness was admirable, even awesome.
  31. They are always yammering about mere details.
  32. His strength was awesome.
  33. The young are crows by the old cock.
  34. Those who live longest will see most.
  35. The plane crashed mere minutes after take-off.
  36. The older generation doesn’t like pop music.
  37. The audience was enraptured by her beautiful voice.
  38.  He’s already outgrown his older brother.
  39. She has an older brother.
  40. He’s getting more confident as he’s gotten older.
  41. Oh, my! That’s totally awesome!
  42. I know that people’s handwriting changes as they get older.
  43. Every mother thinks her child is beautiful.
  44. The big fish eats the small fish.
  45. Venture out with a small fish to catch a great one.
  46. He turned over the property to his eldest son.
  47. From 12.30pm to 2 pm, main courses are half price.
  48. The eldest child was a daughter called Fiona.
  49. It’s a very beautiful place in the summertime.
  50. We beheld the beautiful sand beach before us.
  51. Her eldest child is nearly 14.
  52. I’m pretty sure he’ll say yes.
  53. The future looks pretty dismal right now.
  54. There is no fool for the old fool.
  55. My elder brother is a reporter.
  56. As one grows older, one’s memory declines.
  57. If you want good advice, consult an old man.
  58. My elder sister has a terror of fire.
  59. She lost the election by a mere 20 votes.
  60. It is better to die in glory than live in dishonour.
  61. We are mere pawns in the struggle for power.
  62. To live is to function.
  63. My current level of job satisfaction is pretty low.
  64. Eat to live, not live to eat.
  65. The system is pretty much foolproof.
  66. That was a pretty low-down trick to play!
  67. Most of the criticism has been pretty tame.
  68. An old dog barks, not in vain.
  69. He is her elder by several years.
  70. The eldest son will inherit the title.
  71. The whole school was gathered in the main hall.
  72. Marry in Lend land, and you’ll live to repent.
  73. The older the goose, the harder it is to pluck.
  74. As you get older, your bones become increasingly brittle.
  75. He is my elder by five years.
  76. They were mere apprentices to piracy.
  77. Their eldest daughter is getting married.
  78. She’s beautiful. I’m nuts about her.
  79. There is no fool like an old fool.
  80. Need makes the old wife trot.
  81. The weasel is a very pretty little creature.
  82. His elder son, Liam, became a lawyer.
  83. If the old dog barks, she gives counsel.
  84. Be careful crossing that main road.
  85. The old goose plays with foxes.
  86. Baseball grew on me as I grew older.
  87. An awesome challenge/task lies ahead of them.
  88. Provision of shelter was their main concern.
  89. My elder brother is a doctor.
  90. No great loss, but some small profit.
  91. They die well and live well.
  92. Tom is the eldest member of the family.
  93. The estate went to the eldest son.
  94. We are quartered in a beautiful villa.
  95. The first two goals against Wimbledon were awesome.
  96. One who despises small things seldom grows rich.
  97. The action in state courts is even more awesome.
  98. There is no better looking-glass than an old friend.
  99. There is a beautiful bird in the cage.
  100. The eldest son is the family’s sole provider.
  101. That’s a pretty hat you’re wearing.
  102. The title passes by inheritance to the eldest son.
  103. Be awesome! Be a book nut! Dr. Seuss
  104. Suddenly, she looked ten years older.
  105. That is mere supposition!
  106. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  107. From small beginnings come great things.
  108. Is your sister older or younger than you?
  109. There is little choice in rotten apples.
  110. The economy is the easy chair of old age.
  111. Older cars will begin to rust.
  112. The food was totally awesome.
  113. A man’s alleged oath but is a beautiful lie.
  114. The people she’d invited were a pretty motley crew.
  115. A meek child cannot do the work of a man.
  116. I’ve seen the video; it’s pretty far-out.
  117. This was a very powerful and awesome weapon.