100 Examples of Predicate Adjectives

100 Examples of Predicate Adjectives! Predicate adjectives are an essential part of the English language. They provide a way to modify or describe nouns without having to use additional words. Whether you are writing for academic purposes, creating a professional presentation, or just crafting a creative story, it’s helpful to have a good understanding of predicate adjectives and how to use them. In this article, we will explore 100 examples of predicate adjectives that can be used in many different contexts.

Definition of Predicate Adjectives

Predicate adjectives are adjectives that are used to describe or modify the subject of a sentence in a predicative manner, that is, they follow a linking verb and provide more information about the subject. These adjectives are called “predicate” because they are part of the predicate, which is part of the sentence that contains the verb and all its modifiers.

For example, in the sentence:

  • The cake is delicious.

The adjective “delicious” is a predicate adjective because it follows the linking verb “is” and modifies the subject “cake.”

Another example would be the sentence:

  • She seems happy.

Where “happy” is a predicate adjective that follows the linking verb “seems” and modifies the subject “she.”

It’s important to note that predicate adjectives differ from attributive adjectives, which directly modify a noun or pronoun and are placed before the noun they modify.

100 Examples of Predicate Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The apple is red.
  2. The dog seems happy.
  3. Her singing is beautiful.
  4. The coffee smells delicious.
  5. The water is cold.
  6. The sky looks blue.
  7. His jacket feels soft.
  8. The pizza tastes spicy.
  9. The movie was boring.
  10. The flowers appear fresh.
  11. The child seems sleepy.
  12. The cake looks yummy.
  13. The wind feels cold.
  14. The book is interesting.
  15. The shirt looks clean.
  16. The soup tastes salty.
  17. The room feels cozy.
  18. The car looks old.
  19. The music sounds loud.
  20. The sea appears calm.
  21. The steak tastes juicy.
  22. The sky seems clear.
  23. The flowers smell sweet.
  24. The jacket looks expensive.
  25. The food tastes amazing.
  26. The water feels refreshing.
  27. The game was exciting.
  28. The cake tastes sweet.
  29. The room looks spacious.
  30. The perfume smells intoxicating.
  31. The dress looks elegant.
  32. The coffee tastes bitter.
  33. The shoes feel comfortable.
  34. The sky appears stormy.
  35. The sandwich tastes fresh.
  36. The couch feels soft.
  37. The day seems sunny.
  38. The book looks old.
  39. The car smells musty.
  40. The coffee looks dark.
  41. The painting seems realistic.
  42. The wine tastes rich.
  43. The flowers look vibrant.
  44. The shirt feels tight.
  45. The movie seems scary.
  46. The room smells musty.
  47. The weather appears cloudy.
  48. The car feels bumpy.
  49. The soup looks thick.
  50. The dessert tastes decadent.
  51. The water looks clear.
  52. The plant seems healthy.
  53. The sky feels oppressive.
  54. The dish tastes sour.
  55. The book smells musty.
  56. The car looks sleek.
  57. The air feels humid.
  58. The coffee smells strong.
  59. The movie was amusing.
  60. The room looks bright.
  61. The perfume smells floral.
  62. The dress feels soft.
  63. The food looks appetizing.
  64. The day appears dreary.
  65. The sea looks vast.
  66. The sky smells fresh.
  67. The shoes look expensive.
  68. The ice cream tastes creamy.
  69. The water sounds peaceful.
  70. The song seems nostalgic.
  71. The car sounds loud.
  72. The shirt looks wrinkled.
  73. The dish smells spicy.
  74. The room feels stuffy.
  75. The coffee tastes mild.
  76. The painting looks abstract.
  77. The car appears fast.
  78. The weather feels cool.
  79. The flowers taste bitter.
  80. The cake looks moist.
  81. The air smells smoky.
  82. The book feels heavy.
  83. The car seems reliable.
  84. The sky looks majestic.
  85. The water tastes clean.
  86. The soup smells aromatic.
  87. The dress looks colorful.
  88. The room feels drafty.
  89. The coffee sounds sizzling.
  90. The car looks shiny.
  91. The dish tastes savory.
  92. The flowers seem fragile.
  93. The ice cream looks frosty.
  94. The sky sounds noisy.
  95. The book tastes boring. (Note: this is a non-standard use of “tastes” that is used for humorous effect.)
  96. The air feels smoggy.
  97. The painting looks real.
  98. The cake tastes chocolatey.
  99. The car smells burnt.
  100. The room looks cluttered.


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100 Examples of Predicate Adjectives

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