5 Examples of Attributive adjectives in Sentences

Below are 5 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences:

5 Examples of Attributive Adjectives

1. Resilient – able to recover quickly from difficult conditions or setbacks.

  • Even after failing many times, the resilient athlete never gave up.
  • The company’s resilient system helped them recover from the cyberattack quickly.
  • The resilient community came together after the natural disaster.

2. Eloquent – fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

  • The eloquent speaker spoke beautifully and kept the audience interested.
  • Her eloquent writing style made the book popular.
  • The lawyer’s eloquent argument convinced the jury.

3. Tenacious – persistent and determined, refusing to give up.

  • The tenacious entrepreneur worked hard to make their business successful.
  • The tenacious author didn’t give up on their book, even after facing rejection.
  • The tenacious athlete worked hard to achieve their Olympic dream.

4. Charismatic – possessing an attractive and charming personality that inspires devotion and admiration from others.

  • Charismatic leader inspired their followers with their personalities.
  • The charismatic actor had fans who loved him for his charm.

5. Empathetic – having the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

  • The empathetic therapist understood their clients’ feelings.
  • The empathetic teacher cared for their students and made them feel supported.
  • He was an empathetic friend who always listened and provided comfort.

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5 Example of Attributive adjectives in Sentences