15 Examples of Attributive adjectives in Sentences

Below are 15 Examples of Attributive Adjectives in Sentences:

  1. The lane is roughly parallel to the main road.
  2. His knowledge of French remained pretty patchy.
  3. Their eldest son is called Matthew.
  4. To the old fool, you are not a fool.
  5. The final chapter crystallizes all the main issues.
  6. I found his argument pretty convincing.
  7. It is within earshot of a main road.
  8. His main grouse is that he isn’t paid enough.
  9. All main courses come with a side salad or vegetables.
  10. Our main problem is a lack of cash.
  11. There is a small choice of rotten apples.
  12. She wore a beautiful red dress to the party.
  13. The old house on the corner had a lot of character.
  14. The fluffy white clouds floated across the bright blue sky.
  15. The yellow pencil on the desk is mine.

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15 Example of Attributive adjectives in Sentences

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