Three Adjectives in a Sentence Examples (Multiple Adjectives)

Three Adjectives in a Sentence Examples! Using three adjectives in a single sentence requires some rules that must have to be followed. The adjectives must be placed in a specific order and the article “a” must be used before the first adjective. Additionally, if there are more than three adjectives, the last two adjectives must be placed in front of the noun. There are many other rules so let us find out all the important ones!

three adjectives in a sentence

Multiple Adjectives In A Sentence (What are the Rules?)

Using multiple adjectives in a sentence can make your writing more descriptive and engaging. However, it’s important to follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure proper structure and clarity. Here are some rules for using multiple adjectives in a sentence:

1. Order of adjectives:

When using multiple adjectives before a noun, they generally follow a specific order:

  1. Quantity or number
  2. Opinion (e.g., beautiful, ugly, delicious)
  3. Size
  4. Shape
  5. Age
  6. Color
  7. Origin (nationality, ethnicity, or place of origin)
  8. Material
  9. Purpose or qualifier

Example: She bought two large, round, old, red, Italian, wooden dining tables.

2. Use of commas:

Commas should be used to separate adjectives in a list if they are coordinate adjectives. Coordinate adjectives are adjectives that can be rearranged without affecting the meaning of the sentence or can be connected with ‘and’ without sounding odd.

Example: The cute, fluffy, playful kitten (The cute and fluffy and playful kitten)

3. No commas with cumulative adjectives:

Cumulative adjectives build upon each other and cannot be rearranged or connected with ‘and’ without sounding odd. Do not use commas to separate these adjectives.

Example: The large red ball (The red large ball would sound odd)

4. Using ‘and’:

Use ‘and’ between the last two adjectives in a list of three or more adjectives. However, this is more common in informal writing or speech.

Example: She was wearing a stylish, elegant, and colorful dress.

5. Adjectives after the noun:

In some cases, adjectives may be placed after the noun they describe, usually with a linking verb (e.g., to be, to seem, to feel). In this case, the order of adjectives is less strict, but the same general rules apply.

Example: The dress was elegant, stylish, and colorful.

Keep these rules in mind when using multiple adjectives in a sentence to ensure your writing is clear and concise.

20 Examples of Three Adjectives in a Sentence

  1. I have a huge, purple, teddy bear.
  2. The elephant has a little, brown, baby.
  3. Lisa has a new, small, red car.
  4. Carlos has an old, large, green truck.
  5. The cat has a funny, black, and white mask.
  6. The dog has a big, brown, floppy ear.
  7. The bird has a pretty, green, and blue egg.
  8. The flowers are very old, white, and big.
  9. The tree is huge, green, and tall.
  10. The grass is soft, green, and wet.
  11. The sun is very big, yellow, and hot.
  12. The moon is small, white, and cold.
  13. The stars are tiny, bright, and far away.
  14. The Earth is huge, round, and blue.
  15. The sky is big, blue, and empty.
  16. My house is new, small, and white.
  17. His car is old, large, and black.
  18. Their house is huge, green, and beautiful.
  19. The flowers are pretty, pink, and fresh.
  20. The tiny, fluffy, white kitten purred contentedly in my lap.

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Two Adjectives In A Sentence Examples

  1. The red car is fast.
  2. She wore a blue dress to the fancy party.
  3. The tall tree has green leaves.
  4. His old phone is slow.
  5. The funny clown made the children happy.
  6. The small dog chased the brown squirrel.
  7. The bright sun shines on the clear sky.
  8. The hot coffee is black.
  9. The loud music made my ears ring.
  10. The cold winter wind is brisk.

10 Examples of Three Adjectives In A Row

  1. The small, fluffy, white kitten purred.
  2. She wore a long, elegant, red gown.
  3. He ate a spicy, crispy, golden wing.
  4. The tall, ancient, green tree stood firm.
  5. A bright, round, full moon lit the sky.
  6. The fast, sleek, black car zoomed by.
  7. A cold, frosty, winter day chilled us.
  8. The shy, quiet, young girl waved.
  9. He found a rare, beautiful, shiny gem.
  10. The lazy, warm, sunny afternoon beckoned.

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