20+ Slang for Cleaning (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Cleaning Mean?

Cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt, impurities, or clutter from a space or object. The term originates from the Old English word “clæne,” meaning free from dirt or filth.

Slang For Cleaning

Slang Words for Cleaning

  1. Scrubbin’: Deep cleaning action.
  2. Dust-bust: Removing dust quickly.
  3. Shine-up: Polishing or making glossy.
  4. Spiffy: Making something look sharp.
  5. Dunk: Brief wash or rinse.
  6. De-gunk: Removing sticky or gross stuff.
  7. Spritz: A quick spray clean.
  8. Swipey: A fast, sweeping clean.
  9. Buff-out: Polishing to remove scratches.
  10. De-clutter: Removing unnecessary items.
  11. Zap: Quick disinfection.
  12. Tidy-up: Quick reorganization.
  13. Broomin’: Sweeping action.
  14. Soak: Letting something sit in liquid.
  15. Air-out: Freshening up by letting air in.
  16. Rinse-off: Quick water cleanse.
  17. Vac: Vacuuming action.
  18. Wipe-down: Cleaning surfaces with a cloth.
  19. Spot-check: Quick inspection and cleaning.
  20. Purge: Thorough removal of unwanted items.

Use of Cleaning Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’ve been scrubbin’ the floors all day.
  2. Time for a dust-bust before guests arrive.
  3. She helped me shine-up my silverware.
  4. Let’s spiffy the living room before the party.
  5. The glasses need a good dunk in soapy water.
  6. We need to de-gunk these old toys.
  7. Give the plants a quick spritz with water.
  8. She gave the counter a swipey with a cloth.
  9. I managed to buff-out the car’s scratches.
  10. Sunday is the perfect day to de-clutter the office.
  11. Zap those germs with disinfectant!
  12. I’ll tidy-up the toys in the playroom.
  13. The patio needs some serious broomin’.
  14. These dishes have to soak overnight.
  15. Let’s air-out the bedroom; it’s stuffy in there.
  16. Just give those boots a rinse-off.
  17. I’ll vac the carpets while you dust.
  18. The tabletops require a thorough wipe-down.
  19. Can you spot-check the kitchen?
  20. It’s time to purge the outdated magazines.

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