20+ Slang for Heart (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Heart Mean?

The heart is a muscular organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the circulatory system. It is also symbolically associated with emotions, love, and courage.

Slang For Heart

Slang Words for Heart

  1. Ticker – The beating heart
  2. Pump – Heart as blood mover
  3. Core – Emotional center
  4. Lovebox – Heart as love holder
  5. Beater – The heart as pulse generator
  6. Thumper – A strongly beating heart
  7. Peacemaker – Ironical term for heart
  8. Blood-pumper – Literal descriptor for heart
  9. Valentine – Heart as love symbol
  10. Chamber – One part of the heart
  11. Vibe center – Source of emotional energy
  12. Rhythm maker – The heart’s regular beat
  13. Feeler – Heart as emotional sensor
  14. Motor – The heart as life driver
  15. Mainframe – Central organ in the body
  16. Love muscle – The heart, affectionately
  17. Heartstrings – Emotional connections from the heart
  18. Lifebox – The heart as life sustainer
  19. Tempo – The heart’s rate or rhythm
  20. Soul-cage – Philosophical term for the heart

Use of Heart Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She was so scared her ticker was racing.
  2. The doctor checked my pump for irregularities.
  3. His words touched me right in the core.
  4. She broke my lovebox when she left.
  5. The suspense was too much for my beater.
  6. I could hear his thumper from a mile away.
  7. Oddly enough, his peacemaker isn’t always peaceful.
  8. The blood-pumper needs to be in good shape.
  9. Will you be my valentine forever?
  10. The doctor examined each chamber carefully.
  11. Your energy comes from your vibe center.
  12. His rhythm maker was out of sync.
  13. My feeler tells me this is wrong.
  14. We need to take care of our motor.
  15. He’s got a strong mainframe, that’s for sure.
  16. My love muscle aches for you.
  17. She tugged at my heartstrings with her story.
  18. You’re the one holding my lifebox.
  19. Keep the tempo down, will you?
  20. He’s trapped emotions in his soul-cage.

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