20+ Slang for Nipple (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Nipple Mean?

A “nipple” is a small, typically raised projection of tissue on the surface of the human chest, often containing mammary glands, and functioning as a source of milk for infants in females. It’s a natural anatomical structure and not considered slang.

Slang For Nipple

Slang Words for Nipple

Here is the list of slang words for Nipple with meanings:

  1. Beacon: Tip of the breast, usually erect.
  2. Cherry: Red, often protruding part of breast.
  3. Pointer: Protruding tip, often due to cold.
  4. Dot: Small, discreet nipple.
  5. Headlight: Visible nipple, often through clothing.
  6. Pebble: Hard, erect nipple.
  7. Nub: Protruding, small part of breast.
  8. Buzzer: Sensitive, alert nipple.
  9. Pip: Small and noticeable breast tip.
  10. Button: Rounded, often erect nipple.
  11. Tack: Sharp, erect nipple.
  12. Dart: Pointy, sticking out nipple.
  13. Switch: Very sensitive nipple to touch.
  14. Knob: Rounded, protruding nipple.
  15. Cap: Tip or topmost part of breast.
  16. Pin: Thin, pointy nipple.
  17. Twister: Highly sensitive to twisting nipple.
  18. Nubbin: Tiny, subtle nipple.
  19. Bulb: Rounded, full nipple.
  20. Lighthouse: Highly visible nipple, often through clothing.

Use of Nipple Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Nipple:

  1. I accidentally turned on the beacon with cold water.
  2. Her shirt was so thin, her cherry was visible.
  3. The cold air made her pointer stand out.
  4. From a distance, it looked like a mere dot.
  5. That shirt makes your headlight too prominent.
  6. Swimming in the chilly water turned it into a pebble.
  7. It’s so subtle, just a little nub.
  8. She jumped when I touched her buzzer.
  9. The dress highlighted just a hint of the pip.
  10. Cold weather always turns it into a button.
  11. The fabric was so thin, her tack was obvious.
  12. That fabric clung to her dart tightly.
  13. She laughed, saying her switch was overly sensitive today.
  14. The chilly breeze made her knob show.
  15. The tight shirt highlighted the cap clearly.
  16. The cold air turned it into a pin instantly.
  17. Be gentle; she has a twister.
  18. The top barely revealed her nubbin.
  19. It was soft, like touching a bulb.
  20. Her shirt was so thin, the lighthouse was unavoidable.

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