20+ Slang for Basketball (Basketball Player & Court)

Definition of Basketball

Basketball is a team sport where players aim to shoot a ball through the opponent’s hoop to score points. The game involves dribbling, passing, and defending in addition to shooting.

Slang For Basketball

Slang Terms for Basketball

Below are some slang terms that we can use while referring to basketball.

  1. B-ball – Short for basketball.
  2. Rock – The basketball itself.
  3. Hoopla – Casual term for basketball.
  4. Roundball – Refers to the shape of the ball.
  5. Spalding – The brand name used generically.
  6. Pill – Uncommon term for basketball.
  7. Leather – Focus on the material of the ball.
  8. Sphere – Emphasizing the ball’s shape.
  9. Globe – Another term focusing on shape.
  10. Pumpkin – Playful, size-related nickname.
  11. Orb – A more poetic term for basketball.
  12. Roundie – Casual term emphasizing shape.
  13. BB – Shortened form of basketball.

Example Sentences:

  1. Pass me the rock, I’m open!
  2. He’s got that new Spalding.
  3. Shoot the pill from downtown.
  4. Grip the leather and shoot.
  5. Roll the sphere to me.
  6. Bounce the globe back.
  7. That pumpkin needs more air.
  8. Pass the orb around.
  9. Spin the roundie on your finger.
  10. Please give me the BB, I got this.

Everyday Slang Terms Used for Basketball

Below are some everyday basketball slang used by basketball players.

1. Alley-Oop: A pass and dunk combo.

He threw an alley-oop to his teammate.

2. Iso: Isolation play for one player.

Let’s run an iso for the point guard.

3. Sixth Man: Best non-starter player.

He’s our sixth man and a game-changer.

4. Triple-Double: Double digits in 3 stats.

She scored a triple-double last night.

5. J: Jump shot in basketball.

She drained a smooth J from mid-range.

6. Fastbreak: Quick offensive move.

We scored on a fastbreak

7. And-One: Made basket plus foul.

He got the layup and-one.

8. Full-Court Press: Defensive strategy whole court.

They used a full-court press on us.

9. Crossover: A deceptive dribble.

He broke ankles with that crossover.

10. Handles: Ball-handling skills.

That point guard has crazy handles.

11. Boards: Rebounds in a game.

He’s dominating the boards

12. Cherry-Picking: Staying on offense, avoiding defense.

Stop cherry-picking and play defense!

13. Post-Up: Offensive play near the basket.

He’s going to post-up against him.

14. Swish: Net-only made basket.

That three-pointer was all swish.

15. Clutch: Performing well under pressure.

That last shot was so clutch.

16. Heat-Check: Testing your shooting streak.

He attempted a heat-check from deep.

7. Inbound: Passing ball into play.

Who’s taking the inbound pass?

18. No-Look: Pass without looking.

That was a slick no-look

19. Screen: Blocking move to free teammate.

Set a solid screen for her.

20. Pick-and-Roll: Screen and move tactic.

Let’s execute a pick-and-roll this time.

Funny Basketball Slang Terms

Below are 20 funny basketball slang terms that will make you laugh.

1. Brick: A terribly missed shot.

He shot a brick from the free-throw line.

2. Airball: Shot missing everything.

She just threw an airball—yikes!

3. Buckets: Scoring in an easy manner.

He’s getting buckets all night.

4. Ankle-Breaker: Dribble that trips defender.

He pulled off an ankle-breaker—ouch!

5. Splash: A perfect three-pointer.

She made that three with a splash.

6. Buzzer-Beater: Last-second game-winner.

What a buzzer-beater to win it!

7. Iso-Ball: One person doing everything.

Too much iso-ball hurts the team.

8. Chucker: Someone taking bad shots.

Stop being a chucker, pass it!

9. Benchwarmer: Sits more than plays.

He’s a career benchwarmer for sure.

10. Hack-a-Shaq: Foul a bad shooter.

Time to Hack-a-Shaq their center.

11. Posterized: Dunked on, embarrassingly.

He just got posterized

12. Sixth Man of the Year: Best substitute.

He’s a contender for Sixth Man of the Year.

13. Trash Talk: Verbal jabs during the game.

Keep the trash talk for later.

14. Blowout: Winning by a huge margin.

This game is a blowout

15. Rainmaker: High-arcing long shot.

She’s a real rainmaker from downtown.

16. Hail Mary: Desperate long shot.

That was a Hail Mary for sure.

17. Dime: A beautiful assist.

That was a dime of a pass!

18. Money: Unmissable player or shot.

That three-pointer is money for her.

19. Ball-Hog: Doesn’t pass to teammates.

Stop being a ball-hog; share it.

20. Double-Double: Double digits in 2 stats.

She’s aiming for a double-double

Slang For Playing Basketball

Below are 10 slangs for playing basketball.

1. Drivin’: Taking the ball to the hoop.

He’s drivin’ through the defense easily.

2. Dishin’: Passing skillfully to teammates.

She’s dishin’ out assists left and right.

3. Jukin’: Deceptive moves to lose defender.

He’s jukin’ his way past everyone.

4. Swattin’: Blocking an opponent’s shot.

She’s swattin’ away those attempts.

5. Poppin’: Shooting quickly from a spot.

He’s poppin’ threes all game long.

6. Hoopin’: General term for playing well.

We were just hoopin’ at the park.

7. Rippin’: Stealing the ball from opponents.

She’s rippin’ the ball on defense.

8. Feeding: Consistently passing to a scorer.

He’s feeding the ball to our star.

9. Breaking: Running fast on a fastbreak.

They’re breaking down the court now.

10. Sniping: Making long-distance shots.

She’s sniping from way downtown.

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